Messages From Spirit for May 20, 2023

Messages From Spirit for May 20, 2023 ✨

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Messages From Spirit for May 20, 2022

Messages From Spirit for May 20, 2022 💕✨

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of May 20, 2018

The crystals I am working with for the week are Apricot Agate, Garnet and Star Ruby. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you.

Apricot Agate – Balances Yin/Yang energy. Brings calmness of the mind. Helps relieve distress when things seem beyond our control.

Garnet – A stone of regeneration and energizing. Boosts and revitalizes energy. A protective stone. Excellent for manifestation. It is used to ground one’s dreams in reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, and realization of those dreams. Builds one’s self-confidence, inspiration, and creativity. Considered a stone of increasing commitment, honesty, hope, and faith. It is a stone of positive thoughts which is said to dispel and relieve depression.

Star Ruby – Ruby in general, stimulates circulation and amplifies energy. Increases vitality, overcoming exhaustion. Ruby is a stone that deepens a couple’s relationship and encourages closeness and commitment. It is a stone of courtly love and may honour admiration from a distance. Ruby increases passion. It can also ease physical ailments related to pregnancy and menstrual pain. Ruby helps banish nightmares. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings self-confidence. It propels one toward prosperity and achievement. Ruby encourages you to enjoy the simple pleasures of being in the physical world. It increases desire and sexual energy. Star Ruby has the same metaphysical properties as Ruby, but with increased healing and magical energy. The Light of the Soul is reflected and grounded within the star of the Ruby. It is extremely helpful for those inclined to self-harm or self-neglect, and is quite beneficial in overcoming sexual dysfunction or the trauma of sexual or power abuse and suppressed anger. It assists one in recognizing the true abundance of life.

We are worn out. We are beat down. We’ve been reverting to unhealthy tendencies. We wonder how we could ever go on… but yet, we do… because of the spark deep down inside of us. The spark of life. The spark of love. The spark of creativity. The spark of Divine greatness. We all have it. Sometimes we lose our connection to it. Sometimes it barely flickers. Sometimes the light goes dim. Sometimes the world gets dark. Sometimes we get beaten down so bad, we wonder if we will ever see the light again, but yet, we always do. The spark is always there, even when we can’t see it. You always know, deep down, it is waiting to be tended to, waiting to be ignited, waiting for it’s moment, when you allow it to breakthrough and fully shine to the world, radiating all the beauty you hold inside you. Always keep the faith, that your spark will never diminish. Have faith that you will always be blessed with reasons to sparkle. No matter how bad things get, there will always be good things coming too. You have to look at the positives, that’s the only perspective that helps. It’s truly all about the perspective you hold in life. There is a reason for everything. I was just thinking today about how perfectly orchestrated the Universe is. It is beyond miraculous. It is something so much more. It’s Divine. It is time to honour the Divine that is our Spirit. It’s time for a fresh energy. It’s time to feel revitalized. Its time to take back our power. It’s time to tend to your spark and let it burn so brightly. It’s time to remember that good things are coming. In particular, I feel some healing coming in around relationships. Whether you are working on your relationship, or leaving it, finding your own power is always going to help you get through it. When you can find your spark, your relationships will too! Let’s see what the cards have to add for the week ahead!

If you want to achieve your dreams and go the distance, you have to do the work and make the repairs. It’s time to fix ourselves up and clean up our lives. Get them back on track. It’s very meaningful that the Mending Card is the last one in the deck, #52. It’s like, this is the last thing you have to do, and then it’s all good after that. It’s smooth sailing once you can make the necessary repairs. Just forgive and let go of the pain of the past. We can’t allow it to be an emotional burden and drag us into darkness. We have to mend our relationships, and our own wounds. Forgive your mistakes and honour them as the lessons they are. Nothing is ever wasted when viewed from a positive perspective. Heartbreak is a strange healer of souls. It pushes us to learn new things about ourselves and our perspective. It forces us to feel our raw emotions, and become more empathetic to the emotions of others. It forces us to find new strength, that we may have never knew we were capable of. Do the other work you need in your life, too. The Clean It Up Card seems to come up often, and it feels like, yeah.. we work out for a time or two, we try to eat healthy for a week, etc. but we aren’t doing enough. We need to get to the root of our issues and clean them out. We need to clean up our physical environment and feel fresh energy. We need to see things differently, to really make the changes we should be. Do what you can to get your own self in order, and you will see positive changes reflect in all of your relationships. All you can control is your own choices. You have what it takes to be a shining light, however you choose to shine. Life is full of obstacles, and it would be foolish to believe life will ever be without problems, but you DO have the power and strength to face anything that comes your way, so enjoy the ride. Isn’t that what it’s really about anyway?

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