Blog Post – Happy New Year?!?

I wanted to post a short blog, to say hello, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and everything else I haven’t had the chance to say lately! These last few months have been flying by, my toddler has been constantly sick. Now that he is fighting with these tubes in his ears, he doesn’t get ear infections, but now just chest infections instead… :S It has been very challenging, as he is extremely whiny and clingy. He just got the tubes re-done this past Friday, and has been fevered and sick ever since, and now wont sleep ten minutes without waking up to make sure I’m there. Really?!? I can’t have ANY time to myself, even when you should be sleeping! We are hoping he will get better soon… Saskatchewan being a deep freeze one week and then beautiful the next I don’t think is helping us either. Actually, its probably just the deathly cold that’s the problem. I would love to hear from other mom’s who have gone through similar struggles with their kids!?! If I chose to stay home and not have him in daycare, would it improve? So many challenges when it comes to raising kids!! I need to get to work and pay all these ridiculous bills!! So this is where I have been lately, in my “mommy jail” as I call it, with my crying ankle bracelet that goes off the minute I leave the room. 🙂 All joking and frustration aside, I love my kids, and would do anything to take care of them and be there for them! He will grow out of this, and things will get easier as he gets older. We did have a great Christmas, the kids got wonderful gifts and they were happy. We also had a wonderful New Years, the boys had their brother come for a sleepover, so it was really special. We had lots of time together as a family, and my 7 year old had lots of time off school to play his video games and watch you-tube, so he was especially happy (but not so much this morning to go back to school!). We are looking forward to an awesome year filled with exciting changes for our family! Cheers to a wonderful 2015!!

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TV Review – Teen Mom 2


I am so attached to the Teen Mom 2 girls, Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn & Leah. A lot of people hate on these girls. I guess I have always been able to easily relate to people, and being a mom myself (not a teen mom, but close enough), and going through a lot of challenges in my own personal life, I find myself closely relating to all these girls in different ways. Co-parenting is such a struggle, that is another reason I like to watch the show. It is a good reminder why I feel it is so important to make it work as a family, even when times are rocky, and even when people still have a lot of learning to do and mistakes to make. People hate on this show, but I like the harsh realities, it IS real life, and I feel people don’t like it because sometimes real life isn’t pretty. Life ain’t easy. People want to believe in their own minds that they are so perfect, that they would never be a certain way or do this or that, yet we all have a ton of issues we deal with on the regular, even the best of people. We ALL make mistakes and bad judgements. Hormones, emotional issues, enviromental stressors, financial and life challenges, relational challenges, it just never ends, and this show really highlights how hard being a teen mom really is. I know it has reduced teen pregnancy rates, and that is a huge accomplishment. I think Chelsea is a really great mom and person, she deserves a good man and husband in her life, and I wish her all the best. Kailyn and Javi are adorable, just like their kids. Seems like Jo misses what he could’ve had as a family with her, but I like Vee and they are a good couple, as are Kail and Javi. Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship seems pretty tumultuous at times, but I am a firm believer that things can always change for the better, and time matures us and allows us to grow. It’s important to remember that things aren’t always going to be rainbows and even when things get ugly, we have to swallow our pride and do our best to make things right. That is something I always learn from Nathan and Jenelle. I also wish them the best in the future. I feel especially bad for Leah and what she is going through with Corey right now. How dare he call her out about therapy when he never takes Ali, and he has no idea the demands she is under being a mom of 3 with a young child. I always thought Corey was a good guy, and I liked how they could be friends, but he really does seem to throw Leah under the bus. Corey’s girlfriend Miranda seems more understanding than Corey is, and I think she needs to encourage him more to be understanding and helpful. I am glad Leah is standing up for what she needs and deserves. Looks like by the preview of next weeks episode, Corey is going to take a stand for what he thinks he deserves too. We will have to stay tuned and see how the court proceedings turn out! Why wouldn’t they favor Leah though, it’s only right they be with their mom, and she never did anything to deserve to not have full custody of her children. I like Jeremy, although in the last few episodes he seems quite abrasive. I can only imagine the pressures of having your life broadcasted amongst the regular pressures they face. Having a child with special needs, I can relate to the pressures Leah is under. The worries, concerns, appointments, and attention, it can take a lot out of a person. Other than Jeremy being a little snappy and having a lack of understanding, I still think he is a supportive and loving husband who has proved he always has Leah’s back, and that’s so important. I think Jeremy and Leah are a perfect couple, and I wish them the best in their future, and I wish the best for their adorable kids. In closing, I really love this show, and I can’t wait each week to see what is going on with each of the girls! They should be referred to as women now I suppose! They are a source of inspiration and learning for me, and I can only imagine for many other women and girls around the world. Keep it up ladies!!! Your doing a good job no matter what anyone says!! Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV on Wednesdays nights, don’t miss it! And if you do, catch up online! I would rate this show a 7.3 out of 10. This blog is just my opinion!

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It’s been a while!

Well here I am, finally back to post a blog. I have been watching so many great shows lately, I have been dying to share them with you all. So keep watching for my television and movie reviews that will be coming up. I haven’t blogged for quite a while now, I was going through some hard times in my personal life, and changes in my work life, and I felt like I needed to spend more time on myself versus on the internet or doing more work, work, work like us Mom’s tend to do. Right after my last blog, I took my Reiki Level One course, and have been led on somewhat of a spiritual journey in the last couple years of my life. I know, it sounds crazy. I totally get it. If these things hadn’t kept happening to me, I would never believe in some of the things I am starting to believe in, understand and contemplate. It took me quite a few days to process what I learned at Reiki and start to feel comfortable with it all. It turns out, Reiki is truly a great healing process, and I have found substantial relief and relaxation from practicing on myself. I will go into more detail of my spiritual journey hopefully in another blog soon. It has been great taking a little more time away from technology, but I am back! Back to share the wonderful things in life that make me smile and laugh, and to share everything wonderful I am learning in this life. Thank you for reading my blog and following and liking, all your wonderful comments are sincerely appreciated, and will be returned!! Hoping everything is good with you all, and thanks again, Carrie

Blogs are for writing ;)

I seem to be posting a lot of photos lately, and I feel like a blog is meant for sharing your writing and thoughts. It’s been a hard week, my toddler is suffering with ear infections and went to see the specialist. He was fevering, and then last night ended up with a rash. The doctor thinks it is scarlet fever, which is a reaction some kids have to the strep bacteria. So he has been extra uncomfortable and grouchy. I have been feeling quite frustrated and tired, and not like compiling my feelings and sharing them with the world. So I have been using my photos as a scapegoat. I like to post my photographs because I love the feeling I get knowing people actually look at them and like them, it’s a great feeling and it’s one of the things that keeps me going. Every time I get a like or follow, it makes me so happy inside. I appreciate you all and I thank you so much for following! I hope to post more substantial blogs this weekend if I get time/energy, so stay tuned!

Thanks again! Carrie

15 Tips for Relaxation – How real people, and especially moms, find relaxation and stress relief


This is exactly how I feel when I go to the dentist these days, something I hated before is now like a mini vacation, Lol. Frustration is an emotion I seem to be struggling with a lot lately. I find it hard to find time for myself and for stress relief techniques, heck, I feel like I am lucky to get through the week and keep up with just the regular things. Every now and then, I find a moment to do something that I am passionate about or that makes me feel good and relieves stress. Writing this blog right now after my children just went to bed, and before my boyfriend gets home from work, is one of those little things that bring me happiness and feels right, and lets me have a moment to myself to process my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to see what other people, and especially moms, had to say about their favorite things they look forward to, that bring them happiness and stress relief. Here are what some people said, and they are in no particular order:

1. Getting hair and/or nails done

2. Hot bubble bath – The Stress Relief Bath Soak Salts, especially the Eucalyptus Spearmint scent from Bath and Body Works are amazing and the best I have tried!! They will relax you! Also, I will never live without a Jacuzzi tub again.

3. Exercise – Walking, running, yoga… – I sure love my Wii Fit. The best yoga for me.

4. Watching something funny – Funny videos online, Ellen, Americas Funniest Home Videos, Ridiculousness, anything that gets you chuckling.

5. Shop online, or go out shopping and buy yourself a treat, such as clothing or something that makes you feel good and new.

6. Writing down your feelings and throwing them away/burning it.

7. Go for a drive – And rock out! Go find somewhere beautiful to take pictures or just to enjoy! A good suggestion was to take the kids out of the city and find some horses and cows for them to look at! Great idea Tonielle!!!

8. Get a coffee

9. Take photos, paint, make music or make a collage vision board – Do anything creative!

10. Have a visit with another mom and kids, and have a treat like a snack or coffee!

11. Get a massage

12. Focus on your breathing/Meditate

13. Lay in bed and read

14. Check out vacations or take a virtual vacation online – Thank you Google earth!

15. Visit family

As you can see, there are some great ideas, and definitely some things I would like to try to do more of. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me feedback and input, it is greatly appreciated! I hope you liked my blog. Thank you for stopping by!

1st day of blogging a success!

61 visitors to my blog on the 1st day, and tons of likes. Thank you all so incredibly much for stopping by. I have wanted to start a blog for sometime, but with the time constraints of kids and work and chores, it leaves me very little time for my photography or blogging! Something moved me yesterday and worked through me, and made me type up the 1st and 2nd blogs quickly and put them up without hesitation or embarrassment. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I am a shy person, but it feels weird just to put your real emotions out in the world for anyone to see. It’s a vulnerability that must be overcome to effect positive change and real discussions about our true issues and problems. I pushed through cleaning my kitchen and in a few hours when supper rolled around, there I was staring down a filthy kitchen once again. It is something I have tried to accept and embrace since becoming a mother, that responsibility and worries become endless once you enter the realm of motherhood, yet something is chipping away at my soul every time I have to get back to doing stuff I perhaps would prefer not to be doing. I guess it’s a balance that I am struggling to find. I can say that writing my feelings and putting them out there yesterday was also very therapeutic for me. It feels good not to care what anyone else thinks of you, and to love yourself and put your creative talents out into the world. It’s funny because I never really considered myself creative or to be particularly good at writing. It’s amazing what happens when you just sit down and try. I also feel like it is a divine guidance that gives me the inspiration and drive to actually do something. We all need to listen to our hearts closely and ask what we can do to help someone else and try to make the world a better, happier, and beautiful place to live and enjoy this crazy thing called life. I am sure one day when my child is out of the toddler phase and hopefully done with the ear infections, I will look back at my frustrations feeling I overreacted. The truth is, raising kids is hard, and we shouldn’t feel any shame for feeling emotions that have been around since human beings have existed. There is a reason we feel these emotions, and in feeling that out, and learning how to cope instead of avoid, we can hopefully mitigate the tougher years in our lives. Can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, right?

Losing it

Well, it took me a whole hour from the time I posted my 1st blog until I had a frustration meltdown. I don’t know how you moms out there do it, this cleaning the whole kitchen 4 times a day, amongst a million other things, is going to drive me to the crazy house. I can’t help it I like things neat, the same things that drive me crazy to do, are the things that make me feel more sane and relaxed when they are done. Funny how that works. I recently went to a psychic group session, and had a reading. Which was followed up by another reading the following week (this is a whole other post!). The message being brought to me was a constant reminder to take care of self, to ask my partner for help and delegate duties before I am erupting like a volcano, and believe me, I erupt. Delegate duties. Seems easy enough. Until your blue in the face from asking and reminding and staring a mess in the face until they are scheduled to complete the task at hand. I finally get my toddler down for his nap, my boyfriend is out at the movies with our 7 year old, and I am thankful it is my time for peace and quiet and a little relaxation. It’s amazing how fast 2 hours can go. I walk into the kitchen and it’s like the sound of a horror movie inside my head. But I just completely cleaned this kitchen yesterday? I just don’t understand, as I stand there in disbelief, staring at the mass of half empty bottles and drinks, dishes everywhere and crumbs encompassing the countertop. Here we go again. Can I leave this for now and come back to it? Something inside won’t let me. I know if I leave it now, it will bother me and gross me out until I do get around to doing it. Do any of you moms out there find your OCD works against you and you find yourself doing everything because your the one it matters so much to? I know my boyfriend enjoys a clean house, but it’s amazing how he has the ability to overlook such things and move on with his day. I feel like Cinderella most days, and i’ve been feeling extra desperate since a few things that took place in my life over the past year. It feels so hard some days to press on. I feel like heading for the hills, running as far away as I can, but in reality, I know I could never leave my kids, and I will miss them incredibly if I ever do get a chance to go anywhere. I have never been on an airplane in my life. If I love my kids and family so much, how can I feel so much stress and rage over these little things? How do I actually change my thinking to be more positive, and not feel like I need to run away? Why can’t I just do my mom duties without feeling resentment? How do I move past my expectations and into a place where I can accept every situation with ease? These are things I hope to find out as I work on my blogs. Stay tuned to find out real ways people like to relax and de-stress!

My First Blog Post

Well, I am not sure how to start this all out. I am hoping to post blog content on all things mom and kids related. I have an 18 month old son struggling with ear infections, and a 7 year old with autism. I have had a lot of stress in my life lately trying to work full time and be a mom where I am needed and keep up with everything. I guess its only fitting I take on a blog and add to my list of priorities that already runs through my mind on a continually non-stop basis, lol. I hope to share strategies I find useful and remedies and anything I can share to help anyone else. But I do not plan on this being just a mom blog. It will be a blog for everyone. Anyone who likes anything good. I also plan on sharing stress relief and relaxation ideas, spiritual information, and anything inspiring that I feel relevant to share. I also hope to post reviews for products, movies, music, recipes, and anything else I feel to be share-worthy! I hope you all enjoy my blog, and my 1st substantial blog will hopefully be posted soon. Please follow me on or on Twitter @CarrieGallop and check out my photography that will hopefully make its way to my blog too. Thank you for your support.