Messages From Spirit for September 4, 2022

Messages From Spirit for September 4, 2022 ✨

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Messages From Spirit for August 7, 2022

Messages From Spirit for August 7, 2022 ✨

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Weekly Card Reading – Week of June 26, 2022

The crystals I am working with for the week are Amber Aragonite, Blue Aragonite, and Rutile Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Amber Aragonite – Protects your heart and balances your energy. Relieves stress and calms the mind. Increases opportunities. Awakens your inner power. Helps your strengthen your skills and talents. Helps you to obtain strength and security. Encourages conservation of Earth.

Blue Aragonite – Associated with the Throat Chakra. Encourages you to vocalize your feelings and emotional pain in times where you would normally bite your tongue. Soft and comforting energy. Helps calm and soothe emotions. Helps with facing difficult situations or dealing with traumas. Helps you to become more open with yourself and your hidden emotions, slowly over time releasing these weights. Softens emotional transitions. Helps us to get over things we can’t seem to let go of.

Rutile Quartz – An energizing stone that helps get energy moving on all levels. Assists with mental focus. It is said to attract love and stabilize relationships. Helpful in uncovering the causes of mental issues and hang-ups. Diminishes fears and assists with decision-making processes. Eases loneliness and guilt. It is used to help one get out of a rut in their life as well as for stabilizing emotional and mental processes, clarifying thought patterns and emotional reactions. Increases self-reliance.

I am so sorry I skipped last weeks reading! I really wanted to get it done, but it just didn’t happen! My back has been giving me issues, and I’m still dealing with it today! 🙄 A friend and I were chatting this morning, and she is an amazing Registered Massage Therapist, Pranic and Sound Healer (Serendipity Massage in Clandonald!) and we were talking about how body pain always come back to energy. I know exactly why my back is out. It always does this when I feel unsupported, drained, and like I have no energy for my own life, or know how to have fun anymore. When I give up on myself, my body gives up. Your body will force you to rest. It will force you to have to ask for help and delegate responsibilities to others. My back was starting to get better, but I continued to push myself and not rely on anyone else, and here I am. We really have to look at our lives right now and see what’s out of a balance and what’s not working. We have to find ways to balance the scales and optimize our health and harmony. We have to find ways to protect our heart and set boundaries, so we can get our energy balanced. We need to find ways to calm the energy in our days and relieve the stress. We want to exist in flow, not fight or flight mode. When we flow with life, opportunities arise around every corner! You are strong. You are naturally intelligent. You have a tons of skills, some that are yet to be discovered. Let your inner power be awakened… let it rise… You do this by believing in yourself, and having faith that the Universe is always supporting you and providing for you. Trust that there is plenty to go around. Trust that you are worthy and deserving. Remember to be a good person, who does good and helps conserve our great Mother Earth, and that reciprocal good energy will come back to you. Make sure you are using your voice for good. Speak out for yourself and for others. Raise awareness about protecting our planet. Ensure you do so with love, so it can be received in the most effective way. Verbalize your pain. Don’t stuff it down any longer. Let it have a voice so it can leave your body. This is a tough time where we have to verbalize our emotions and make hard changes, to support our energy. The more you resist change… the more you refuse to stand up for yourself… the more pain you will endure. We have to face these situations and traumas. We can’t keep sweeping the past under the rug. We can’t keep letting things slide that are draining us. We have been stuck on these issues for so long… Be open and honest with yourself about what you truly need to change and do for yourself. We can get over these issues and we are going to find a way, it’s just how long it takes us to get there and how many bumps we will endure based on our choices. I just feel Spirit telling me… “Girl, get your energy together.” I know I need to make some space and time to do that for myself. There are so many good things on the way. We can already see them coming. We have to keep saying YES to the opportunities and welcoming them. We can’t let anyone else get in the way of what’s coming for us. Let go of the fears and hang ups. Step into your power. You have what it takes to make important decisions and you are going to get through this time. Let go of the fears… and especially let go of guilt. You deserve time and energy too. You deserve a life. You deserve happiness and fun too. Make the changes you need to with no guilt. Fuck the guilt. This is your life. You get to decide how you want to live it. You don’t have to take shit from anyone or let them drag you down. You don’t owe anyone anything. You can get yourself out this rut. Pay attention to your thought patterns that aren’t serving the path to your highest good. If you are thinking “I should be doing such and such….” in an obligated way for anyone else, especially someone who doesn’t do the same for you, it’s time to stop. Stop giving away all your energy. It’s precious and it’s Divine. YOU deserve your time. YOU have an important purpose in this world. YOU need to be seen and heard, not put to work like you are Cinderella. Stop letting people treat you that way. Get clear on your thought patterns and intentions for your future. Being independent does not mean that you don’t rely on anyone else. It means that you love yourself enough to know that you deserve to be able to rely on others. That you love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who willingly support you. With the right people supporting you, you can achieve anything. Who is your support team? Where do you need to set new boundaries or change things? You have the power to change your life… or you can resist and choose not to. It’s really all up to you. The power, abundance, opportunities.. it’s all here waiting for you to claim, if you will do what it takes to truly love yourself and believe in your purpose. Let’s see what the cards say.

The Empress Card is so beautiful. Look at her glowing in her power and purpose, with such lavish abundance. There is even a baby! This speaks to birthing new creations, endeavours, and people having babies! The Empress has transformed her energy into lightness, she has grown into a beautiful, glowing butterfly. It’s time to step into our purpose, and it’s such a beautiful and powerful gift. We are going to sort out all the details as we go, just start making things happen! We have what it takes to accomplish our dreams and find great success. It’s time to move forward. No more holding back or procrastinating. Now is the time. Whatever you have to get done in your days, know that nothing can hold you back. You can always find a way to make things happen. Remember that our passion and drive is a good thing, we just have to channel it in positive ways. If we approach things with negativity, we will never get the resolution we seek. Channel your emotions into art, poetry, exercise, or whatever creative endeavour. Remember that if you want to be heard with love, that you also must hear people with love. Let go of the anger and tensions… let it all go. Relax. Live in peace and tranquility. At the end of the day, does any of it really matter? Or does our ego just make it seem like it does? What really matters at the end of the day, is that we are happy and that we have enjoyed our life. That we have experienced fun and joy. I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins, so this card really resonates with me personally. It seems like an extravagant hope for someone who lives in central Alberta, Canada, lol, but I guess that’s what this energy shift right now is all about. Seeing that we ARE deserving of these “extravagant” experiences. They can happen for us and they are going to. We are just as deserving as anyone. Anything is possible if we can open our hearts and believe. We don’t need anyone else to believe in us, only ourselves, but when you do, others will believe in you too. They will want the good energy you have. ** Your power comes from staying centred in joy.** Joy is the ultimate attractor. Not only does it attract amazing energy, but it is our true purpose of life. Creator/God, the Angels, our Ancestors, they all want to see us happy and making the most of our time here on Earth. We have to remove things from our life that take the fun and joy out. We have to make changes that will bring more joy into our life, so we can share that joy with others. Ask the Angels to help you and protect you if you are feeling victimized in some way. Ask the Angels to help you call back your personal power and cut energetic cords you may have with people. If we can find happiness within, our experience will be lighter and more free. This doesn’t mean throw all caution to the wind and ditch your responsibilities, but finding ways to infuse more fun, or take a break, or whatever you need to do. Lovingly release the parts of your life that aren’t joyful. I saw a gopher that had been hit on the highway earlier today, and I had that thought… that any moment could be our last, and we need to be present now. We need to enjoy life right now. When we live in joy, we vibe so high, and magical things become available. Everything clicks into place and aligns with ease. All the things our heart desires can come to us, if we release the expectations from others, and all the conditioning from the past. So how can you have more fun and joy? It’s a good question to ask yourself. Music is a good tool. Friends are good for the soul. Let yourself be free and joyful. Let yourself be open to play and happiness and receiving. Live in your best energy today to create and even more amazing future. Have a beautiful week and New Moon!

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Messages From Spirit for June 22, 2022

Messages From Spirit for June 22, 2022 💕✨

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Messages From Spirit for March 31, 2022

Messages From Spirit for March 31, 2022 💕✨

#Forgive #LetGo #Release #Past #Mistakes #Challenges #Obstacles #Growth #WhoYouAre #YouAreSpecial #LoveYourself #LoveEveryone #Love #GiveLove #Perspective #Focus #Healing #Heal #Changes #TakeCharge #Elevate #Light #Angels #Guides #Ancestors #ForgiveYourself #MoveForward #March31

Messages From Spirit for March 28, 2022

Messages From Spirit for March 28, 2022 💕✨

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Full Worm Moon in Virgo – March 18, 2022

On Friday, March 18 peaking at 1:17am MDT, we have a Full Worm Moon at 27 degrees in the hardworking sign of Virgo. 🌕✨♍️

We are working hard to get our minds, bodies, and homes ready for Spring! It’s a perfect time to let go of the past, and move forward into a fresh new season and a new astrological year!

This is a huge time of growth for us. We are realizing how far we’ve come. It’s a great time to stop and enjoy the moment. Be proud of all that you’ve achieved and overcome.

We are also starting to see the path ahead of us becoming more clear. Pieces are coming together and we are seeing opportunities as a result of our efforts. We are working hard and have lots of goals, dreams, and ideas.

Know that it is safe to step into a new version of yourself. It might feel scary, but it will be worth it. Understand that the “scary” feeling is really excitement, and try to embrace feeling happy and joyful. Try to have fun with whatever you are working on. Step out of the scary fear, and replace it with exciting joy. You are fully capable and competent, so believe in yourself!

This is a time to get honest, with everyone, but most importantly, with yourself. You cannot change what you won’t acknowledge. Living an honest life is key to living a good life.

Nobody said we have to be perfect. We will probably screw up and that is ok. Our anger and hurts have a place and serve a purpose. Try to channel and express them in healthy and positive ways, like through creating, exercising, or working hard.

Stop denying yourself what you need. If there is something your soul is craving, you have to make those needs known. People can’t support you if they don’t know what you need.

You can’t help others, or yourself, if your cup is empty. Virgo works hard, sometimes too much so, therefore it is imperative to take time to rest so that you can balance and sustain your energy. Set boundaries and simplify your life.

Know that whatever is happening for you, is how things have to be in order for lessons to be learned by all. Remember that lessons are opportunities for growth and improvement.

As always, the energy is up to you, how you utilize it and apply it. Are you working towards your dreams and feeling good about it? Or are you dragging your feet and stressing about it?

Stop all the resistance and allow life to flow. Take things as they come, not worrying about them before or after. Take steps towards your goals and don’t worry about what anyone thinks.

I always say, “All we can do is our best”. As long as you are trying to be a good person and doing the best you can, you will reap the rewards. Don’t put so much stress on the outcome, just be yourself and be open and allow for good outcomes to happen naturally.

Everything is working out, as it should. Have faith and trust. Do your best to make things even better. Stand in your power, live an honest life, and embrace your inherent innocence and happiness.

There are so many reasons to be happy and optimistic. If you can’t see them, you need to look at life from a new perspective. Love yourself and your life fully. Tend to your garden, and ensure it’s bounty and beauty!

Spring is almost here!! 🌞🌱🌸🐛🐞

Have a beautiful Full Moon! 💕🌕✨

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Messages From Spirit for March 6, 2022

Messages From Spirit for March 6, 2022 💕✨

#MovingForward #FreshStart #MoveForward #NewBeginnings #YouCanAchieveYourDreams #Hopes #Dreams #YouCanDoIt #TakeCare #NurtureYourself #Meditate #Meditation #FindCalm #InnerPeace #LetGoOfFear #Insecurities #Release #LetGo #Heal #Healing #Manifest #Manifesting #Desires

Messages From Spirit for February 24, 2022

Messages From Spirit for February 24, 2022 💕✨

This message was inspired by the Full Moon in Taurus card, which also came up in my weekly reading! Your dreams need a plan! 🙏✨

#February #February24 #Messages #MessageFromSpirit #Visualize #Trust #HaveFaith #Faith #TakeAction #ActionSteps #BabySteps #MovingForward #NewBeginnings #Dreams #DreamsCanComeTrue #Work #Change #Flow #Grow #Spiritual #Reading

Weekly Card & Crystal Reading – Week of January 23, 2022

The crystals I am working with for the week are Yellow Jasper, Bumblebee Jasper, and Angel Phantom Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Yellow Jasper – A stone of protection. Provides inner strength and mental clarity. It holds a deep connection to the Earth and is good for grounding. Amplifies self-confidence and courage, bringing energy and enthusiasm. Deflects jealousy and eases chronic worries and self-consciousness. Helps to overcome fears of being alone in public. Lends emotional support and strength in self-discipline, as well as boosting physical energy levels. Promotes inner strength, helping one to bear life’s frustrating experiences and providing the tenacity and perseverance to overcome them. It encourages enthusiasm and joy, and helps attract positive friendships. Brings new interests and new relationships, helping you to see things in a different light. It adds clarity, zest, optimism, and meaning to your life.

Bumble Bee Jasper – Clears sacral and solar plexus chakras. Increases manifestation and opportunities. Encourages growth in personal power. Provides inspiration and creative energy. Try new things and be persistent. A stone of adventure. Quick thinking, decision making, and inner knowing. Enables acceptance of change. Eases stress and worry. Positive disposition. Increases self-esteem. Finding beauty in endings.

Angel Phantom Quartz – Angelic vibration assists you to connect with higher realms. Connects you with your higher self to receive Divine guidance. Gets you closer to inner peace and universal love. Calmly protects, balances and stabilizes. It can help you solve unresolved issues of your past and improve your present life. Breaks you free from thoughts of guilt, negativity, and blame, and helps you move forward.

My interpretation of the crystals:

We are shifting from the emotional Full Moon we just had, into the unemotional Aquarius New Moon coming on January 31. It feels to me, like we are still stuck on some speed bumps, having a hard time truly letting go of insecurities, and of the past in general. How can your energy be open to the future, when it’s constantly longing for, or replaying the past? The past is over. You are not the same person you once were. It is ok, and necessary, to forgive yourself and fully let go. It’s important to do this before we set our intentions for the future during the next New Moon. We have to step into our personal power. We have to heed our true power and let go of the anxiety. We have to stop worrying about what others will think of us. We have to stop worrying we might fail or that we will embarrass ourselves. In all honesty, we might! But there is always experience we can gain, and we can choose to keep moving forward. We have to be our true selves and not live in fear of anyone or anything. We can’t hold ourselves back anymore. This is why I believe we have to face hardships in our lives.. so we can gain a different perspective. For me, going through everything I have gone through has been freeing. I’ve been through so much, I am just grateful to be here and to be alive and to have my family. I don’t want for anything… I am happy and content. I am appreciate and grateful, and I’m ready for what is to come next for me… whatever that may be! I have faced great sorrows, yet, I have always overcome and found lessons, and joy, within. Things could be so much worse, and I am grateful for every good moment. I know when challenges arise, I can meet them. Even though things have been hard, I know they are going to get better. I feel it and trust it. I will continue to be patient and trust that things are going to get better. We are all being called forward. We have to stand in our confidence and let our voices be heard. We have to overcome our fears so we are no longer chained down or held back… so we can live to our full potential and share the gifts we hold. We have to do more than say we are letting go of fears… we actually have to do it or overcome it in some way. We have to be willing to face it. We have to mean it and be willing to commit to it. We have to fully believe it. There truly is nothing to fear. Be happy and optimistic! We are manifesting and working toward our dreams. Opportunities are going to present themselves. We have to be ready to face our fear and put ourselves out there. We have to shine our light in this world and help others. We have to push ourselves and grow. We have to move forward. Find the beauty in all of this and celebrate it’s ending. Find clarity and make good decisions for your future. This Angel Phantom Quartz is here today to help us cut the cords to the past and to find the healing and release that we need. All the things that have been holding you back or keeping you stuck in patterns that aren’t serving you need to be released. Feeling guilt, resentment, or shame doesn’t serve anyone, especially yourself. Instead, choose to feel loving and appreciative. Take your power back. Feel the Angelic peace and universal love. Trust that you are protected and held by your Angels. Do what you can to resolve your issues with the past and step forward with fresh energy and lightness. The Sun is always bound to shine again. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

My interpretation of the cards:

Oh wow… this Imagine Card!!!! Blue is the ultimate color for this coming New Moon in Aquarius. Look at the person, harnessing the energy of that Crescent Moon, connecting to it and letting their power be recharged and rejuvenated. There are wells of magic energy bubbling beneath the surface, ready for its energy to be released. The clouds are a perfect symbol of Aquarius’ Air energy, thoughts, imagination, and creativity, and the Ice of Aquarius’ coldness and connection to Water. This card is just so beautiful, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. This card is all about manifesting. We are manifesting every day, each moment with our mind and our thoughts. Everything we think creates our reality around us. Imagine what else is possible for you? Blue represents calm and hard work. We are extra creative now, so make sure you are trying new hobbies and creating things in your life. Who do you want to be? Imagine it, and work towards it. Create more of it. If you can dream it, you can create it. This card reminds us that we have to be willing to actually put ourselves out there, or what we dream of has less possibility. Visualizing is super important, but without action, nothing can be fully realized. Get clear on what you want for your life and be ready to set clear intentions on the New Moon. Then, be ready to take action steps and put yourself out into the world. Overcome those fears and then you can dream even bigger. Being in a negative mindset is waste of imagination and can manifest the things you don’t want. Clear your inner state and stay grounded. Be true and honest with yourself. Only when you live an honest life can you attract the good karma you desire. We need to stay patient and keep going. We need to do what’s right and trust that what is meant for us will come. As long as you are taking steps, you can get there. We don’t have to rush into anything. Focus on now and the next step will become clear. Release the fear that life is a race that you might be losing. Trust that you have everything you need in this moment. Of course we would get the Island Card. This is the solitude we have been living in during these pandemic times. A couple people in our home had Covid, and for the first one we isolated, for a long time, and it sucked. Then when someone else got it, that went out the window and it felt important to be together. There was a lesson I learned in that. Are we letting fear guide our lives? I could’ve complained and stressed out, but we handled it and managed just fine. Maybe we need to stop worrying so much, and just enjoy this moment, wherever we are. Maybe we should trust that we can handle whatever arises. A lot of people have felt alone and things have felt kind of dark. This card makes me laugh a little, because again, it’s about perspective. Maybe we have felt too alone, or maybe we would do anything to get this kind of alone time, lol. I could use a little more solitude to help let go of some resentment, and gain a fresh perspective, lol. There is always going to be light and dark. Even in the darkest times, there is beauty and growth. There are possibilities and potentials. The storm clouds are parting and the sun is starting to shine again. What do you need for yourself today? What can you do to make things better now?

Thank you for visiting my page! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay tuned for Moon Magic later this week! 🌑✨

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