My Poetry – Materialism

Prettier, skinnier, hotter, cooler,
trendier, funner, smarter, newer.
We must be all these things and more,
they say.
Made to feel inferior,
incomplete in someway.
Why aren’t your nails done!
Or your hair done like this!
Why don’t you have on,
this season’s latest can’t-miss!
Why aren’t you trotting around in heels,
with your toddler in tow?
Just to prove to someone,
comfy and casual you won’t go!
To prove that you have some kind of value,
that someone finds you attractive,
that’s all that matters?
I will love myself for being me,
the person I truly am.
The real me,
not trying to hide and scam.
The same me,
no matter what I wear.
The same me,
no matter the look of my hair.

By: Carrie Gallop

Check out my next post, where I will explain (by explain, I probably mean rant) about the inspiration for this poetry piece.

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