New Moon in Cancer – July 20, 2020

We have a 2nd New Moon in the sign of Cancer coming up in 2 days. 🌑✨🌊 If you missed writing intentions on the last New Moon, make sure to do it this time! This is a second chance to start again. This is a time to make better choices for the future. It’s not going to be easy though. Unfortunately, the astrology looks very tough. There are going to be obstacles and challenges, and we are going to have to prove our readiness by staying patient, going with the flow, and continuing to put the work in. The hardest choices are usually the most rewarding. Keep moving towards your goals and block out the negativity of others. Make sure you are taking lots of time to yourself for self-care, so you can remain calm and balanced. You are what you make of your life… use this knowledge to keep your emotions in check. It’s really not worth the fight. Let go and let God, and keep pressing on. Stay strong friends! 🌑🙏✨

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15 Tips for Relaxation – How real people, and especially moms, find relaxation and stress relief


This is exactly how I feel when I go to the dentist these days, something I hated before is now like a mini vacation, Lol. Frustration is an emotion I seem to be struggling with a lot lately. I find it hard to find time for myself and for stress relief techniques, heck, I feel like I am lucky to get through the week and keep up with just the regular things. Every now and then, I find a moment to do something that I am passionate about or that makes me feel good and relieves stress. Writing this blog right now after my children just went to bed, and before my boyfriend gets home from work, is one of those little things that bring me happiness and feels right, and lets me have a moment to myself to process my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to see what other people, and especially moms, had to say about their favorite things they look forward to, that bring them happiness and stress relief. Here are what some people said, and they are in no particular order:

1. Getting hair and/or nails done

2. Hot bubble bath – The Stress Relief Bath Soak Salts, especially the Eucalyptus Spearmint scent from Bath and Body Works are amazing and the best I have tried!! They will relax you! Also, I will never live without a Jacuzzi tub again.

3. Exercise – Walking, running, yoga… – I sure love my Wii Fit. The best yoga for me.

4. Watching something funny – Funny videos online, Ellen, Americas Funniest Home Videos, Ridiculousness, anything that gets you chuckling.

5. Shop online, or go out shopping and buy yourself a treat, such as clothing or something that makes you feel good and new.

6. Writing down your feelings and throwing them away/burning it.

7. Go for a drive – And rock out! Go find somewhere beautiful to take pictures or just to enjoy! A good suggestion was to take the kids out of the city and find some horses and cows for them to look at! Great idea Tonielle!!!

8. Get a coffee

9. Take photos, paint, make music or make a collage vision board – Do anything creative!

10. Have a visit with another mom and kids, and have a treat like a snack or coffee!

11. Get a massage

12. Focus on your breathing/Meditate

13. Lay in bed and read

14. Check out vacations or take a virtual vacation online – Thank you Google earth!

15. Visit family

As you can see, there are some great ideas, and definitely some things I would like to try to do more of. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me feedback and input, it is greatly appreciated! I hope you liked my blog. Thank you for stopping by!