My Poetry – Betrayal

The silence haunts me now, unsure if I want to hear any sound. My mind blank and worn down, my heart tossed to the ground. The nights get lonely, when there’s no one here to hold me. Nothing is stopping the depression, from getting a hold of me. My soul feels black, like it will never come back. How did I get my life, so utterly off track. How could I love someone, who doesn’t feel the same. So much pain, caused from your silly games. I could ask why and how come, but nothing makes the past undone. I’ll live and learn, and I’ll move on. I’ll always sing, my same beautiful song. You can’t take my heart, or my shine. I may feel down, but I will always be fine.

– Carrie Gallop

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My Poetry – Heartache

Every time I wake,
The clock has lapsed.
My heart hurts,
And my stomach collapsed.
Nudged by the ache,
I close my eyes and cry.
Fall back asleep,
In my dreams I can hide.
How much longer till it passes,
Will it ever go away.
No longer can I hold on,
To someone who doesn’t want to stay.
I know you don’t care,
Or feel the same.
Two different people we are,
And that will never change.

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