New Moon in Taurus – May 4, 2019

We have a New Moon in Taurus tomorrow! 🌑💫✨ Taurus is a sign of pleasure and indulgence. Be good to yourself and love your life! Take some time and soak it all in. Think about what you want for your life going forward and set those intentions in your heart! ♉️

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Recipe review – Easy supper recipe – Frenchs Fried Onion Chicken

As I have gotten older, and with the responsibility of feeding 3 boys, my cooking skills have definitely improved from what they once were. That being said, I am far from a master chef, and would classify myself as a beginner cook. Normally when I make chicken, I would make shake and bake, or seasoned chicken, but it just wasn’t quite as delicious as I had hoped for. I picked up a container of these French Fried Onions, and made the chicken recipe on the container. Very simple, 1 egg beaten to dip the chicken. The container of the French Fried Onions crushed up with 1 Tbs of flour to coat the chicken after the egg. Cook for exactly 20 mins at 400. So easy!! The best part was, it was incredibly delicious and was more of the flavor I was looking for in my chicken (I am not a huge meat eater.). Tonight I made it with gravy to go along, and potatoes, corn and peas of course, and it was so yummy. I recommend this meal for anyone looking for and easy simple home cooked delicious meal. Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy!!
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