TV Review – Survivor Cambodia Second Chance

If your a true survivor fan, then your loving this season of Survivor!! Who doesn’t love redemption seasons!! They are soooooo good. I also can’t believe this is season 31 of this show. That really says a lot about it! I am loving the drama this season. I love how Ancor won that last reward challenge, when they REALLY needed it. Moments like that emotionally charge the show. I really hope Spencer can pull off a win, but seems like he’s already running into difficulties. Woo and Joe are so solid in challenges, they will be gone ASAP. I’m cheering for Tasha also! She is such a solid chick. Abi Maria? Well, we know why they are keeping her around! (Always need a bigger target around then yourself! And who would vote for her to win… I won’t be suprised if she makes final 3). Jeremy is solid, but also a threat. Who knows, maybe Keith can pull out a win! Lol! I like how they are currently divided into 3 tribes. I also loved the he-man reward challenge. It was so exciting!! Who knows which way this season will go! I can’t wait to watch and find out! I would rate this show a 7.8 out of 10. 

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TV Review – Survivor Blood vs Water San Juan Del Sur


I gotta say, when this season started, I wasn’t into it as much as I usually am. So many things going on, just diluted the game for me. As the season went on, I got more and more into it, and as it comes to a close, I just can’t wait to find out who will win. I am so incredibly happy to see the women banding together and using those men to further their game. Those are some smart women, and to see Missy and Baylor, a mother and daughter, still in the game together nearing the end is a true feat. Missy really had a good hand in this game, but I really love Natalie the most. She is so smart and such a good player, with a good heart to boot. I really hope she pulls the win. Keith’s odds aren’t looking too great, but he is a really great guy too, who has done well and worked his butt off in challenges. Can’t wait for the finale Wednesday, Dec 17th. I would rate this season a 7 out of 10. Always a fun watch!! This blog is just my opinion!

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