TV Show Review – Last Man on Earth – 4.3/5

It has been a while since I’ve done a TV Show review! Mostly I’m watching my usuals, Survivor and Big Brother, etc., but this show really caught my attention and I don’t think it’s as well-known as it deserves to be, so I wanted to share it with you!

The premise: In 2022, a cataclysm strikes Earth, seemingly wiping out the population, except for former family man and bank employee Phil Miller. Sad and very lonely, Phil travels the United States, Canada and Mexico in his RV searching for other survivors. Striving to hold onto hope that there is at least one other living person, he tries to make the best of circumstances until his path finally crosses with that hoped-for other survivor — and all becomes more comforting that the person happens to be a woman. As more survivors turn up, complications arise and Phil finds it difficult to co-exist with others again.

Will Forte stars as the main character, Phil Miller, and has a wonderful comedic delivery that he brings to the character and series. The rest of the cast are wonderful too! This show is the epitome of the end-of-the-world concept, where everyone is being taken out by a virus, so the rest of the world remains intact to act as a playground for the few survivors. They also find themselves in plenty of predicaments.

The show has a 4 star rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 95% liking on Google. Unfortunately, it has not been scheduled to return for a 5th season, although I do believe its popularity is gaining since it has been airing on Netflix. I seriously love this show, and I know you will too! I would rate this show a 4.3 out of 5! Make sure you check it out!

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Review – Big Brother Canada Season 2

Ok, who else is loving Big Brother Canada season 2?!?! I’d love to hear from some of you BB fans!! The first season I wasn’t all that into, and the finale really disappointed me… (Gary Glitter winning it would have made it much happier and more memorable). For some reason it just wasn’t the same as American Big Brother. This season though is redemption!!! A great house, a great cast, awesome challenges and drama galore! If you haven’t been watching, there is still time to get into it, the best is yet to come! I was rooting for the girls, particularly Neda and Sarah, but with Sarah’s move last episode, I’m not sure what to think. There is so much more that goes on that you don’t understand due to the amount we actually see in the episodes. I also like the guys, they are alright, but I am usually rooting for a female or anyone who seems like the underdog, which is why I like Adel too. I admire his dedication to his faith, and his ability to be so kind and joyous, it really is infectious and he is a wonderful role model. The only downfall that seems to bother me about BB Can is the host. Not trying to be mean at all, for some reason she just doesn’t do it for me. No Julie Chen I suppose. Other than that, I have loved this season so far, and I’m hooked. Can’t wait to see how the Allison and Andrew showmance plays out!!! I would rate this show a 7.7 out of 10! This blog is just my opinion!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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