Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of October 27, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Scolecite, Galaxite and Serpentine. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Scolecite – Promotes deep relaxation and inner peace. Helps to break through stagnant energy. A group harmonizer, connecting members and making them more tolerant of one another. Helps one to realize subtle messages from the inner self and from higher sources. It enhances the dream state, facilitating dream recall, lucid dreaming and restful sleep.

Galaxite – Protects, cleans and balances the aura. A stone of transformation, especially assisting in spiritual, mystical, and intuitive growth and transformation. It enhances both the conscious intellect and the subsconscious mind. It eases stress and anxiety. Helpful for stress-related illnesses, anxiety disorders, brain disorders, digestion and metabolic illnesses.

Serpentine – Helps guide us to take responsibility for our lives. All about regeneration. Helps with emotional cleansing, chakra cleansing, psychic powers, and to attract love and money. Considered a protective stone. Helps you feel secure so you can feel more free and happy. Serpentine is an excellent stone for meditation.

I don’t know why I find it so hard to find time, for anything! I guess it’s being a mom with a lot on my plate? I try to be organized and do my readings ahead of time, but it never seems to happen. It’s been a rough couple days around here… I’m blaming it on the Scorpio New Moon! It’s probably more realistic to blame hormones, lol, but whatever the reason, I’ve been just ready for my head to spin off these last couple days. The harshness of winter blowing in doesn’t seem to help either. Sometimes.. I can feel so disconnected and done with life. Day in and day out is an endless repetition of chores and responsibilities. The truth is, sometimes we just need that disconnect. Sometimes we need to allow for what we are truly feeling. Sometimes we need to let ourselves be human. Most importantly, it’s ok. It’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to not be spiritual all the time. It’s ok to not be happy all the time. It’s ok to be disconnected from Spirit or other people at times! What’s so beautiful, is that Spirit is always here for us, just waiting for us to get through it so we can feel inspired once again. I love doing readings, because it’s when I get to be reminded that Spirit is here with me. I pondered which crystals to use today, and I actually heard Spirit telling me to use Scolecite, and then I saw it visually. Most times, I use my feelings and intuition, so it’s always exciting and meaningful to me to hear or see information. Can you guess what the purpose of Scolecite is? It is a strong stone to aid communication, especially with Spirit. How beautiful! It was the perfect confirmation for me today, and made me feel very emotional. I had déjà vu this morning too! That’s always a special sign for me from Spirit. I have been feeling so overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated, stuck… and I’m sure I’m not alone. The Canadian Election… the budget.. relationships.. the way of the World… it can be really frustrating sometimes. Spirit and the Scolecite want us to relax and get back to our inner peace. They are going to help us to break through these stagnant and emotional energies. They are going to help us be more tolerant and find harmony. There is so much going on in dreams lately too. I don’t think there has been a day this week that I didn’t dream. My family has been reporting the same. The Spiritual veil is very thin now and the Spirits have much to communicate with us. Galaxite wants us to cleanse ourselves and our auras. I think it’s time for a good smudging! Salt baths are great for cleansing and clearing too. We have so much growth to go through Spiritually, but we can block that flow of energy by living a stressed out life and letting our aura get all cloudy. Serpentine is all about regeneration, which was a theme last week too. We are going through this phase of deep transformation, and where we get depleted, we will regenerate. Where we choose to let things go, we can have room for new to come in. This is about taking responsibility for your life and choices, and making new choices that will serve YOUR energy going forward. The Serpentine is going to help get emotions in check, and help us find resolutions to our struggles. It helps to attract love and money. The Serpentine reminds us that we are safe. This week, take time for stress relief, for smudging, cleansing or healing, and allow yourself to feel regenerated. Let yourself feel safe and happy. Feel the connection to the Angels and Spirits that surround us, and listen for their messages this week. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

This Scorpio energy!! It’s all about NOT staying quiet!! It’s about speaking your truth and being in your full power. There is soooo much about communication. Communicating for yourself, communicating with friends and family, and communicating on a more widespread platform. Talking Stick is about speaking your truth. Life is less complicated when it is lived truthfully. People are sometimes in awe when I tell them about my life… I have endured many hardships. They ask me how I can be so positive… but what other choice is there? The trials I have endured beg to be shared. My experiences can hopefully help others who are going through or will go through similar experiences. God would never have made me go through this all for nothing. I have grown so much through it all, and you will too. You can take what you go through and use it as a catalyst to empower you. You can help other people too. Don’t hold back in sharing who you are, and sharing what you’ve been through. It may just be what turns someone’s life around. You heal yourself, when you allow yourself to be honest about your life experiences. When there is nothing left to hide, there is freedom. I am not a great communicator, but expressing myself as I have the last couple days, at least allows me to be seen and heard. There is healing in that release. Now is the time to share the unspoken darkness that lays heavy on your heart, and allow it to be released. I like to write poetry and lyrics when I feel inspired, and I’ve wrote a bit the last couple days. Talking Stick is about taking time to check in with yourself, and seeing what’s truthful for you now. Focusing a conscious effort on what is or isn’t working, will allow you to continue making the changes you need to be happier. Gathering Your Tribe is so beautiful… excuse me while I get myself together… omg, emotions!! This is Spirit, again confirming, they don’t want us to live a stressed out life. They want us to know how loved we are, and that we aren’t alone. We are reminded of how deserving we are; not only of love, but abundance and happiness. Share who you are from your heart, and know that you are safe. Spend time with people who build you up, and stop choosing people who diminish you. Be willing to ask for what you need and want. Know that you are deserving and accept no less. Your needs matter and it is ok to put your foot down. Anyone that truly loves you, will support you and nurture you. Find your tribe and spend time with them. Surround yourself with happiness. The Storyteller is about our experiences in life and how we perceive them. Until my Spiritual awakening about 5 years ago, I was so disempowered. I was a victim of all the circumstances of my life. It’s only now, that I’m aware and I live an honest life and make good choices, that I can look back on my past experiences with gratefulness. I wouldn’t be who I am, without having gone through that. It has made me strong, and allowed me to grow into a compassionate human being. Look at your experiences from an empowering point of view. How can you help others? Give your story empowering meanings. Don’t live life according to the needs and expectations of others. This is YOUR story and you get one chance to live it and tell about it.. so make it a good one.

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of September 10, 2017

The crystals I am working with for the week are Polka-Dot Rhyolite, Carnelian and Lava Rock. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystals to you.

Polka-dot Rhyolite – Assists with balance, regeneration and mind abilities. It helps you see and understand all the parts of yourself that are out of balance. It then helps you let go of any past blockages. Helpful for any type of self esteem issues and procrastination. It is also useful for finding love that is a healthier type of relationship for you. It is useful in all aspects of maintaining or regaining beauty. It can help rekindle a relationship. It can help those using their psychic abilities to connect easier and is a powerful stone for anyone attempting to astral travel or for channeling. It is perfect for use in any sort of working that use elemental forces.

Carnelian – Creates harmony between your mental focus and creative inspiration. Assists you in actualizing your vision. Grounds and anchors you into the present reality. Restores vitality and motivation. Has the ability to cleanse other stones. Stimulates, balances & heals a women’s reproductive system. Stimulates the metabolism. Useful in overcoming abuse of any kind.

Lava Rock – Grounds and calms the emotions. A stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Lava stones are good for stabilizing and grounding because of the strong connection to the Earth and it’s creation within the centre of Earth. In folk remedies, it was given to soldiers to help them remain calm during battle. A stone of courage and gives people stability as they go through changes in their lives.

I knew drawing these crystals, they were very transformative, and the carnelian for me represents strength. Restoration, balance and grounding is the general theme of these crystals. I know everyone is talking about the hurricanes and natural disasters, and how can you not. It is an extreme visual representation of lessons we need to be learning. I felt the winds of change blowing around me, I envisioned the hurricane winds plaguing the south, I could feel everything being tossed around me, yet I felt very solid, grounded and deeply rooted. I felt the fires burning up what no longer is useful to us. What I also felt was a newness. The Earth can only sustain our toxic ways of life for so long. We need to live in harmony with our Earth, walking beside her and and not on top of her. It’s not all bad though… Amidst this all, I see us learning and growing from this. I see us coming together as a human race. Do what you can, right where you are, to be a force of good. All I know, is I can feel the collective suffering. All we can do to combat suffering is find love within our lives and in our day, no matter where we are. Appreciate what you have right now. Let’s see what the cards say for the week.

The cards are perfect as always. ❤️ We need to come together in Unity, and do the right thing. We need to take care of all those around us right now, doing what we can from where we are. Sometimes, it’s the toughest lessons in life that bring us the most growth, and going through worldly traumas is going to change us all. It is going to make us more understanding towards the Earth and towards each other. There is only one way we get through these times, and that is by coming together and helping. The Lotus Flower is the perfect symbol of the growth and lessons we are undertaking at this time. Humans will live in their comfort zones as long as possible, and sometimes need to be shaken awake to the changes that need to be made. It’s hard to make tough changes voluntarily. We have to let go of the selfish and capitalistic ways of life, so that we can come together and live lives that matter. So that we can live in peace, harmony and unity. This isn’t saying you have to let go of your dreams and join the peace corp. This is saying to follow your dreams, while also living a life of integrity and consideration for others. It’s about finding a healthy and positive balance. The Law of Attraction rewards those who do the right thing. Whatever life is shaking you awake about right now, know that it’s part of growing and learning, and helping you unfold into the beautiful flower you are becoming. Rely on your tribe if you are needing support. If you are hitting bumps in the road, sometimes connecting with our tribe is all we need for inspiration and motivation. We are all in this together, please never forget that.

ning the traditional ways of doing things can sometimes be very effective. Other times, though, we need to break out of the box and consider new and creative modes of accomplishing our goals. Discussing various methods – old and new – with those you trust can help you know which philosophy to follow at any given time. If your goals are meeting with resistance, it may be due to the method you are using to attain them, rather than a flaw in your actual plans. Be open to trusted people's perceptions regarding the right strategy to take. Having a support group of friends and a spiritual teacher who walks his or her talk will uplift you and allow you to stand tall in your work. It’s important to always stay on a path of integrity in every aspect of life. The Law of Attraction rewards those who follow their dreams while remaining honest and true in dealing with others. Align yourself with organizations or people who have high spiritual ideals. In this card, our two fairy students have found a mentor to teach them both old and new ways of thinking.

Additional meanings of this card: Doing the right thing for the right reason. Remaining true to your principles. Being a spiritual teacher to others and/or consulting one for guidance. Respecting your Elders or the past. The power of prayer.


Essential Meanings: Community; belonging; being seen and understood by others; like-minded connections; a sense of family and friendship; knowing your place in the world.

The Oracle’s Message: This card signals a new affiliation with a group. Humans are social creatures, and we need to know we are useful to our tribes, families, and communities. In a tribe, everyone has an important function and feels “I matter”. Membership in the group provides a sense of belonging, of kinship, and of purpose that comes from working together for a greater fulfillment of all. Perhaps you are part of a spiritual community, or an artistic one. Perhaps you are in a learning community where you share your love of education. Regardless of its form or focus, your community brings you joy. You will be inspired by it and want to contribute to it. Your contribution may be as small as showing up or as large as becoming its leader. No matter your position in this tribe, your presence is needed.

Relationship Message: You’re discovering the essential qualities that you share with another – and perhaps also those you don’t share. There are times when you follow and the other person leads, and times when you lead and the other person follows. The appearance of this card points to the importance of learning the proper “dance” between you and another. Accepting the truth that everyone has flaws is part of that dance. Yet you are also being asked to be aware of the dynamics that you don’t want to repeat. You’re in the perfect place to make changes in order to experience the best version of who you can be together.

Prosperity Message: Whenever you’re in a community of like-minded others, there is a powerful opportunity to reap great abundance. It’s essential to ask, what can I contribute? Rather than, what can I get from this? Figure out a need and look to fill it. Something meaningful will manifest. Even if what manifests is small, it is a sign that the doors of opportunity will swing open wider. There is also another meaning of this card to consider: Don’t try to be all things to all people. Choose your role and be true to it, and serve from a place of authenticity. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing you have a purpose.

Protection Message: Beware of compromising your identity in order to belong. How do you dim your light or change yourself so others will accept you in the tribe? Do you hide who you really are in order to play a role within the larger whole? This will never fulfill you. Now is a time to assess your willingness to be real. Stand tall. Be you. Authenticity is true self-expression and the only way to empower yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and step into the role your heart tells you to take. Making yourself small bears too high a cost. < img src=”https://carriegallop.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/img_1010.jpg&#8221; height=”3264″ class=”wp-image-1612″ width=”2448″><<<<<<<<<<
r (Unfoldment) – The lotus flower sits upon one of its leaves, having risen to the surface as the sun – held in the hand of God -invites it upward to the light. This unique plant is rooted in the mud and muck at the bottom of a body of water, it’s stem reaching up to the surface, where the leaves rest quietly. At night the flower closes and sinks below the surface, only to rise with the daylight and once again gradually unfold it’s petals, it’s stem extending above the waterline three feet or more. What we learn from this amazing plant is how our own spiritual path unfolds and opens to the light, then at times gently fold in on itself for proper rest when the daylight fades. This period is just as necessary as the growth, for it allows the plant to integrate what it has gained in nourishment during the day. It’s also just as important that it is rooted, and it is yet another miracle of Nature that something so exquisitely beautiful is formed from the mud and silt at the water’s bottom. Your spiritual unfoldment is occurring at all times whether or not you are aware of it. It is inevitable as long as you put your trust in the hands of the Creator, the one who holds the light. Like the Lotus, your soul is always reaching for the light to fulfill it’s karmic destiny, but even in that process there are periods of darkness and times to rest. It is a natural cycle, one that cannot truly be coerced or halted. It has an innate rhythm of its own, one that is unique to the being that is you. You do not need to strive or be driven by spiritual ambition. It does no good to try to force growth upon yourself – or others, for that matter. Allowing is the key here. Allow the place in you that naturally wants to follow the light to do so while recognizing that even when you have complete faith, you will face challenges and, occasionally, suffering. Your steady faith and love will guide you on your journey of returning to the light.<

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