Messages From Spirit for January 31, 2023

Messages From Spirit for January 31, 2023 ✨

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Messages From Spirit for December 6, 2022

Messages From Spirit for December 6, 2022 ✨

#Daily #Guidance #Message #MessagesFromSpirit #December6 #Dec6 #DontBeHeldBack #LetGoOfThePast #Release #Learn #LetGo #Endings #NewBeginnings #Opportunities #Exciting #NewDirections #TakeChargeOfYourLife #YourFutureIsBright #Magical #YouCanDoAnything #YouCan #Manifest #WhatYouNeed #Success #Visualize #Hopes #Dreams #TakeSteps #Forward #Happiness

Messages From Spirit for November 29, 2022

Messages From Spirit for November 29, 2022 ✨

#Daily #Guidance #Message #MessagesFromSpirit #November29 #Nov29 #WhereAreYouBeingCalledTo #Journey #Life #Trust #YourSoulKnows #TakeATrip #Visualize #Imagine #UseMusic #YourSoulsReady #JourneyDeep #SeedsPlanted #Ready #Grow #Rise #YouAreNeverAlone

Messages From Spirit for November 23, 2022

Messages From Spirit for November 23, 2022 ✨

#Daily #Guidance #Message #MessagesFromSpirit #November23 #Nov23 #ThinkAboutWhatsNext #Visualize #Options #Safe #Happy #Loved #Decide #Clearly #Choose #Happiness #Think #Positive #Optimistic #FeelHappy #ThinkAbout #SpecialMemories #ThingsThatMakeYouSmile

Messages From Spirit for February 24, 2022

Messages From Spirit for February 24, 2022 💕✨

This message was inspired by the Full Moon in Taurus card, which also came up in my weekly reading! Your dreams need a plan! 🙏✨

#February #February24 #Messages #MessageFromSpirit #Visualize #Trust #HaveFaith #Faith #TakeAction #ActionSteps #BabySteps #MovingForward #NewBeginnings #Dreams #DreamsCanComeTrue #Work #Change #Flow #Grow #Spiritual #Reading

Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of February 20, 2022

The crystals I am working with for the week are Bismuth, Angel Aura Quartz, and Celestite. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Bismuth – Rainbow colored Bismuth can be a wonderful stone to use for focus, visualization and shamanic journeying. It can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities while at the same time increasing your energy levels to deal with them. Bismuth relieves feelings of loneliness or isolation. It is a stone of transformation and change, helping to adapt to change with calm assurance. Bismuth encourages cohesiveness in groups and relationships.

Angel Aura Quartz – A stone of high spiritual energy. Helpful to the aura which it can protect, balance, and bring energetic health. It is said to help with Angelic communication and communicating with Higher Self and inner wisdom. It is used to help access Akashic records and past life recall. It is said to bring peace and tranquility because of the angelic protection it brings.

Celestite – Connects you to Angels and your Spirit Guides. Brings calm and clarity. Relieves stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviours. Provides courage where there are fears. Beneficial for those who are shy. Brings harmony and balance. Opens your mind to communication with higher realms. Helpful during dream time.

Rainbow messages are continuing to come through in the Bismuth and the Angel Aura Quartz! Bismuth is providing us calm and strength to forge ahead on our path. It is a time to focus on what we want and use visualization as a tool to help get there. It’s funny, I don’t know why I expected this reading to be new or “fresh” energy, but it very much continues through these themes of what we have been working on. Spirit is calling us forward, to serve our highest path, and we need to let go of fear and have courage to do that. We need to remember that we ALL hold unique beauty. We ALL have a light to shine and gifts to share. We can’t be fearful to do that. We can’t sit around worrying what anyone is going to say about us. We have to be ourselves and trust that the right people will find us. Things have been a lot and we have been working really hard. Spirit is acknowledging all the efforts we have been putting in. We are going to get somewhere! But for now, we have to keep putting the work in. We have to keep managing our energy and handling stuff the best we can, like boss babes! If you have been feeling overwhelmed, take time to rest. Trust that the energy you need will come in due time. It always does, so that’s why we need to stop stressing. We can handle all of our responsibilities, and we will feel better for doing so. Life can feel so lonely, especially with Covid.. it’s been a real journey the past couple years. What have we learned from it all? I think people are learning that they are the ones who can pull themselves out of loneliness, out of restriction. You choose to free yourself. We always have a choice in how we want to feel, for the most part. We are shifting and changing, and you are surrounded with support. Support in the form of people, Angels, Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self. Sometimes I connect with my Higher Self, and it just feels like she has herself together way better than I do… and it gives me something to strive for. Adapt to the changes in your life with trust. Know that everything is working itself out. The best thing you can do, is exude your best energy. Our Spiritual Teams are definitely here this week, supporting us through these transitions. Ask your Angels or Spirit Guides to support you and protect you. Call on them for whatever help you require. I feel like a lot of us are clinging to the past, so asking for support in letting go is a great thing this week, especially with the Full Moon in Leo we just had. Our teams are guiding us and encouraging us to walk towards our dreams… Are you willing to step forward into the spotlight? Or are you hiding away? We have great purpose to fulfill, but we can’t do that if we are in our own prison of fear and anxiety. It’s time to step out into the light with courage. It’s time to be proud of who you are and be seen. Keep stepping through the fear and saying yes. Trust in your connection to Spirit, and in all the dreams that are on their way to you. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

Do you want peace and serenity in your life? How about love, abundance, opportunities, spiritual connection and grace? It’s all there waiting for you, when you detach from the expectations of this world and follow your heart. Come to a radical acceptance of everything that has happened, and move on for good! Fly lighter. Let your past hurts fly away in the wind. Receive the love that is flowing in. Let the love fertilize your life so that opportunities can grow. Everything is happening exactly as it should, so let go of the need to worry or try to control. Find peace. A quiet mind and heart, with freedom from want, is a way to have a soul that is satisfied. Enjoy what you have. Enjoy the simple pleasures. This is a time of clear vision about work and creativity. Whatever you are doing, or thinking of doing, keep moving forward. Being your true, authentic self is the key. You don’t have to be more than who you are. You have to embrace all that you are now. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself and asking for support that you need. Your Dreams Need a Practical Plan was actually a card that came up for February 24th in my daily Messages from Spirit, so again, Spirit is telling us to keep doing our part. If we don’t really want to put ourselves out there or do the work, we can’t be rewarded. We need to visualize and take action. Show your commitment and take steps, no matter how small. It is time to start making our way forward and show how ready we are to stand in our full power. You can’t chase the money… you have to chase the dream, and the money will come. Find a niche you want to fill, and start doing it. Do what you can with what you have now. Don’t let money stop you from chasing those dreams. Have compassion for yourself. Remember that money isn’t everything… and really, is it anything? Remember that the energy you give out, is what you receive. If you are stressed out and feeling lack… you are probably going to find many more reasons to feel that way. What if none of that mattered? What if we were all treated equal and shared? What if we took care of each other in love? What a different world it would be. Exude this type of compassion and energy, and you will see it bestowed back onto you. If you want to be supported by others, you better be a source of support for others, too.

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New Moon in Virgo – September 6, 2021

September 6, we have a New Moon in Virgo, peaking at 6:51pm here in Alberta (MDT) at 14 Degrees Virgo. 🌑✨💫 The New Moon is trine Uranus. There is a Grand Trine, with Mars trine Pluto, and Venus trine Jupiter! What beautiful and powerful energy! 😍

The New Moon is typically a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, but even more so after coming off the 2 Aquarius Full Moons! Also, with all the trine energy, there is definitely positive change and excitement in the air!

The astrology chart for this New Moon looks like an upside down sailboat. Are you moving up in positivity and lowering yourself into negative energy? You can’t be doing both at the same time. Turn your ship around if you need to.

We just came through a powerful portal and healing is available to us. We are releasing generational cycles that are no longer serving us. We are adjusting our daily routines and habits to better serve our lives. We are making healthier choices for the betterment of everyone around us.

Pay attention to your intuition and particularly to signs in nature. Psychic awareness is increased. Expect dreams and flashes of insight. Visualization is powerful. Take time to meditate and dream.

Focus on getting your day-to-day life in order. Make some lists and check some things off. Make the most of changes that are occurring. Take steps towards your goals and dreams. We will be able to navigate any challenges that may arise.

Make sure you are putting your best energy forth. That’s means taking time for yourself and time to rest, in order to maintain healthy balance.

There’s tons of great energy! Put it to good use and stay positive, and it should be smooth sailing.

Have a beautiful New Moon! 🌑🙏✨

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Moon Magic Worksheets are offered every New & Full Moon. It is a 6-page PDF document, best to work on when it’s printed. It has all kinds of fun information about the astrology sign, plants, crystals, Gods/Goddesses, essential oils, animals, etc. It has personal questions and a prayer. It has a card pull and upcoming Astrology. It is like a Moon Ceremony on paper! $5/worksheet or $100/year.

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Angel Card Reading – Week of Jan 10, 2016


I did a reading earlier this week, and it was also about retreating, and taking time to decide the next step, so it doesn’t surprise me that this a common message for all of us this week. You learn, change and grow daily, and you have the choice to change every single day. I feel like this reading is telling us that it’s time to re-evaluate who we want to be, and where we are going, based on new values we hold true in our lives now. There is a ton of messages in these cards about positive visualization. Visualize only what you want to happen in your life, do not dwell on negatives. Think about what you truly wish for… Imagine what life would be like if you had everything you ever hoped for.. And imagine it clearly. Every detail. See money and happiness coming to you, however you dream of it. The more we think positively, and expect these things to happen to us, then the more we can trust in the knowing that it WILL come to fruition. Once you can believe it will be true, it’s much easier for it manifest in our lives. Looking for love? Imagine what your spouse will look like, what they will act like.. Imagine the love you will have for them, how you will treat them, and what you will do for them. Imagine what that will feel like when they do the same for you. Feel the love as if it’s already there. Attract it into your life, and expect it to be. You are just as deserving as anybody else on the entire planet, and you deserve the most amazing things, things greater than you can even imagine. I guess that’s one reason I like to watch The Bachelor. These people never dreamed they could have such cool, fun and romantic experiences.. So I use that as a tool to visualize the things I should expect and want in my life. I deserve to have amazingly beautiful experiences, just as much as those people, and I will make my dreams come true. We all have the light. We all deserve to be happy! Beyond our wildest dreams! Once you really find a path in your mind, one that feels exciting and full of love, decide you want to pursue it. What will it take to find love? Is it getting out and meeting new people? Is it having more courage to talk to someone you already know? Make the decision to go for it. What will it take to get that beautiful 2 story home, with a pool and a gorgeous yard? (Even this isn’t detailed enough.. See every single little detail you want) What will it take to go on that vacation you have dreamed of? Make a decision to apply for that side job, pick up a few extra shifts to save up. Make a decision to cut something out, and be able so save for something else you desire. Make a clear decision, and make a clear first step to making your dream come true. Show the universe your willing to take those steps, and do your part, and ask the universe for assistance too. Know that you are a part of all-that-is, and that you do have the power to make any dream come true. 

Imagine – When you imagine your dream coming true, you help to make it happen. This card asks you to think of a wish that you really want, and imagine it has come true. Next, close your eyes and notice how your body feels when you think about your wish. How do you feel – excited, happy, nervous or some other way? Do you feel tingles anywhere in your body? What else do you feel? Now, notice what you see when you imagine your wish coming true. What people, colours and things do you see? What do you see yourself doing as your wish comes true? What else do you see? Then, listen for any words you hear in your mind. What do you hear? What do you think it means? At this point, focus on your thoughts as you think about your dream. Do you have any ideas? Anything else that you think? When you imagine your dream coming true, and notice all your feelings, thoughts, words, and visions, you help make it happen! This is the power of the human imagination. It is sometimes called “faith”. You may be surprised when your wish comes true in a better way than you think. Let yourself see all sorts of wonderful dreams and wishes. And have faith that they’ll come true in ways beyond your greatest imagination! 

Light – Everyone has a beautiful light within them, no matter what they look like or how they act. This light is pure. The more you focus on the light with others, the more you can help them be healthy and happy. You can also protect your loved ones, yourself, and your belongings by imagining them surrounded by light. This card may mean that you or someone you love is in a situation with harsh energy right now, and they need extra spiritual protection. Imagine them in an eggshell covering of light in your favourite colour. White light to protect, green light to heal, and purple light for a better nights sleep. As you focus on seeing and feeling light within yourself and everyone, you’ll notice a positive change in your life. For example, people will treat you better, your family members will seem happier, and you’ll sleep better at night.

Decide – As you go through life you gain more responsibilities, one of the biggest is to decide what you want. You’re now in a time where you could go in a few different directions, depending upon your decisions. In other words, you must decide, what’s next for me? It’s not always easy to make decisions. Fortunately, you have help. You can call upon Heaven to guide you, as well as trusted friends, family members, and experts. You can also try on your future. This means closing your eyes and imagining the different possibilities for yourself, and the noticing how each choice feels. Which one makes you feel happiest? Which choice makes you feel loved and safe? Which one feels like it would be most helpful to yourself and others? Always choose the path where you can do the most good in the world. If you ever feel stuck, as if your life isn’t moving along smoothly, you need to make some decisions about what you want. Decisions are magical, in that they get things moving again. If you don’t like the direction your life is going, you can examine your decisions to see if they need changing. The best decisions or make you feel happy, and will make the people around you feel happy too.


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