Weekly Card Reading – Week of October 3, 2021

The crystals I am working with for the week are Kambaba Jasper, Zoisite, and Malachite. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Kambaba Jasper – Also known as Crocodile Jasper. It is actually fossilized algae. Calms the mind and promotes inner peace. Helps to remove heart blockages and worries. Connects us to nature and allows us to feel more open to receiving love. Supports us and provides insight through tough times. Reduces fear and increase confidence, self-worth, and courage.

Zoisite – Transmutes negative energy into positive. Helps you to realize and manifest your own true desires, rather than ones influenced by others or because you are trying to conform to the “norm”. Encourages recovery from illness and stress. Helps to release deep seated fears and phobias. Boosts vitality. Helps you see the gift in every breath of life.

Malachite – A stone of transformation, good fortune, prosperity & abundance. This is a transformation of lack into abundance. Invites business opportunities. Brings self-confidence and success. These vibrations release and diffuse those of victimization by demonstrating the power of oneself. It helps balance pure love, romance, and one’s own well-being. Malachite is also good for enhancing emotional stability and balance in general. It brings inner peace and hope, including relief from anxiety and stress.

I love the energy of the Kambaba Jasper. This is the first time I’ve used it since I got it. It very much holds the energy of the Crocodile, which at first I thought to have a negative connotation, but the Crocodile is a very swift, agile, and powerful creature. Do you think the Crocodile is out there questioning his own power? Living in fear? Heck no!! He’s chilling, unless someone gets up in his space, then he stands in his power. They snap up opportunities without a sense of guilt or pressure. With things being as hard as they have been, this feels like a message for us to be thick-skinned… to lay low until our time to come back out is here. This is about protecting yourself. You do not have to allow anyone in your personal space that you do not consent to. If things seem to be working against you, reach out for help, find people who can help you, and don’t quit until are where you need to be. As hard as things have been, only WE have the power to get our mind right and make the best choices we can for ourselves. Worrying doesn’t do anything but further hurt us or stress us out. Let go of the worries and stress when you feel them arising. It’s like, Dory from Finding Nemo. We can have lots of real issues going on around us, but being stressed out and upset doesn’t help us. We just have to keep swimming. We are being called to put ourselves out into the world and share our light and energy, but you can’t do that if you don’t have any. Make sure you are filling your cup and receiving what you need. Take care of yourself, so you can share your gifts with the world. This, in turn, creates opportunities and abundance! Good things are coming for us, believe it to be true. Keep doing what you know is right and working towards a better tomorrow for yourself. It hasn’t been easy, and we have been conditioned by society our entire lives. Particularly to believe we are never good enough… but we are. Right now, today, in this moment. You are enough, you are deserving, you are capable, you have purpose. Whatever you feel passionate about pursuing, chase those desires. You don’t have to do things the way society tells you to. You can step into the person you want to be, right now. You can decide to let stress go and practice techniques to work on that. You can realize that stress is making you sick and keeping you anxious, and by letting it go you can feel lighter and happy. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not 100% a choice… but there is choice involved. Choose happiness and optimism more! You can recover from things that have been hindering you. Let go of the fears and negativity. They aren’t true, and they aren’t serving you. Your gifts… your light… that’s what will serve you, and all of humanity. When you are stressing and living in fear, you are bringing your energy wayyyy down. When you live in light with positivity (as much as possible), you raise your vibrations, giving yourself revitalized energy and attracting wonderful things. Gratitude can help us live in the light. By realizing how blessed we are already, right now, helps us bring in more light. Life is a gift and we have to make the most of it. Don’t waste it away believing that people don’t want to see you or hear your voice. Let yourself been seen and heard. Let yourself be supported. Allow yourself to receive. Good things are coming. The Malachite is a sign of that. We are doing the work to step out of lack mentalities and into a mindset of abundance and worthiness. The relief from our stressors is coming, so try to be as patient as you can. Everything is going to be ok. Do what you can to help things get better. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Be sure of who you are and what you want. Use your voice, create opportunities and say yes to partnerships and collaborations. Business opportunities are on the way! Step into your power and confidence, and let fear be a thing of the past. You are magical and powerful, and you got this. Make sure to set positive intentions this week for the New Moon in Libra! Let’s see what the cards have to add!

We always want to be “done”, or be wherever we perceive we should be… but life doesn’t really work like that. Life is an ever changing journey, no matter how sure we think we are. Things change, people change, life changes. There are many things we can’t control. Life is an unfinished symphony, and the quicker you adapt to playing the notes that are available to you, the better music you will hear. This is about unfinished business in your life, and unhealed emotions. We have to be able to fully let go of the past, or perhaps what we have now, if we want to make room for something more that we desire. If you are dragging around attachments from the past, that energy is seen and felt here and now, and can block you from receiving even greater things here and now. We can’t live in a victim mentality over the past anymore. Yes, we have been hurt, but those people were probably hurt too. Let it go and move on. Be free and make emotional space. Accept where you are now, and be ok with it. In fact, love it! Let this symphony end on a high note. Love everything for what it has been, and be open to the most amazing possibilities in the future. The big blue egg she sits on represents fertility, communication, and spiritual protection. Your spirit guides are there making sure you don’t fall off. The birds are showing you the way to freedom. Let your heart be light, and use music to help you do that. If you want your energy to be light, it has to be free from worries. Let them go. Also, tie up loose ends and take care of business so that you can breathe and relax. Don’t over think things, just do what you gotta do. Be flexible. Deal with stuff and it comes, and you will feel better about it. We can’t stay stuck doing the same things and handling things the same way, thinking the same way, because it’s not working. We have to let ourselves grow. We have to let our minds grow. Be adaptable, without compromising yourself. Be flexible, for your own highest good. You can’t always be right. You can’t always know how everything will play out. It’s ok to compromise. It’s ok to follow your heart. Be open to all possibilities now! Be ready to say YES when you are presented with opportunities to receive! Set your intentions this New Moon, and ask for what you want to manifest or something better! Be willing to bend a little, to enjoy miraculous results. No more being rigid. Lighten your heart. Life is going to speed up. Things are going to be moving forward very soon… likely in the next 2-3 weeks. Antelope reminds you that you are a powerful co-creator! Make sure you are using the energy of the Moon and setting your intentions. Make sure you are visualizing a life you deserve, allowing space for even greater. It’s time to take steps towards your dreams. Don’t be scared to make a move or say yes. Let go, and enjoy the ride. Let go of worry, and be present. Make the most of this day and this life. Breathe deeply, and move forward with veracity! Have a beautiful week and New Moon!

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of March 31, 2019

The crystals I am working with for the week are Atlantisite, Tree Jasper, Zoisite, and Chrysoprase. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Atlantisite – Lowers stress levels. Helps you find inner peace. Stabilizes your moods and helps break away from making poor choices. A good stone for meditation, it helps you access information and wisdom. Increases love and compassion. Enhances your sense of security and helps you establish your personal boundaries. Helps you open your way to Spirit. Removes stagnant energies and brings peace to life. Helps raise your energy. It is also a powerful physical healing stone.

Tree Jasper – The “supreme nurturer”. It holds and supports during times of stress, bringing a sense of completeness and tranquillity. Encourages abundance and fullness. Used to help with dream recall and shamanic journeying, it is a stone of protection and absorbs all types of negative energies. Balances the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It is a stone of strength, courage and determination. Jasper stimulates creativity and imagination, encouraging ideas into action. It can really assist people who need more focus, organization abilities, and motivation.

Zoisite – Transmutes negative energy into positive. Helps you to realize and manifest your own true desires, rather than ones influenced by others or because you are trying to conform to the “norm”. Encourages recover from illness and stress. Helps to release deep seated fears and phobias. Boosts vitality. Helps you see the gift in every breath of life.

Chrysoprase – Connected to nature. Profoundly mood-lifting, cheering, supportive, and healing for the spirit. Helps in times of depression, sadness or coping with the darker, more challenging periods of life. It can help us to let go of anger, and focus on the positive, rather than being overwhelmed by the negative, and remind us of what we have to be grateful for – definitely a “glass half full” sort of crystal. For acceptance and self-acceptance.

I planned to take this weekend to myself to relax, but my son got very sick on Friday. When he gets a fever it can become quite serious very quickly, as he has leukemia. I prayed to Spirit that this fever wouldn’t result in anything serious or mean a hospital stay. So many times I could feel my ego trying to pull me under.. life can be so hard and relentless sometimes… I wanted to succumb to the negativity of everything that wasn’t going my way… but every time my brain started to think that, Spirit whispered that everything was ok, and truly not as bad as it seems. I had to remind myself that things could be worse, and really, I am quite lucky. Spirit answered my prayers, and we didn’t have to stay in the hospital, and it wasn’t anything too serious. There are so many reasons to be grateful. There are moments to enjoy even when life is hectic and busy. It’s really all what you make of it and how you perceive it. I handled my son’s medical needs, and we got through it and moved on with life. I didn’t need to get derailed over that. God rewards our good behaviour and choices. All the readings lately are saying we are moving into a time of more ease and enjoyment. I find myself feeling like I’m waiting and waiting for that ease.. and I’m hoping things will truly lighten up soon. The crystals are helping to relieve our stresses that we are going through. They are helping us to stabilize our moods, so that we can be more calm and handle whatever comes our way. It’s going to help us make wiser choices. Atlantisite is a true connection to Spirit, helping us to access wisdom and guidance. When you need something, you can ask Spirit/God/Angels or whomever you feel comfortable with for help. They are listening and guiding us always. The crystals are also helping to heal, and are offering healing to anyone experiencing illness, including my son. The Tree Jasper is holding us and supporting us through these stressful times. It’s ok to find happiness when things are tough… it’s not only ok, it’s necessary. I might have a lot of challenges in my life, but there is still so much beauty… and that beauty overpowers any challenges I will face. This is about having strength and determination, no matter what. Moving forward, no matter what seems to hold you back. Maybe I don’t always have a lot of time to focus on the things I want, but I can take the time I do have, and make the most of it. It’s about putting your creative self out into the world. What makes you unique? What talents do you have to offer? Make a list of your ideas and start working towards creating them. We have so much to offer, and we need to continue to share ourselves with the world. The future is dependent on our individual creative talents and gifts. The crystals are guiding us to where we need to be, not necessarily where we expect to be. Spirit is shaking up our lives and helping us to evolve, so that we can see pathways we couldn’t see before. The Zoisite is telling me that we will find hurdles and frustrations when we try to do what others expect of us. This is about being true to your own Spirit. What do you feel guided do? Who are you when nobody is watching? What makes you feel the most free and happy? What makes you feel purposeful? I know I have a lot of fears to face if I am going to step fully into the work that is calling me. The Zoisite is helping us to release the fears that hold us back from living to our full potential. The Chrysoprase reminds us that nature is healing and supportive for us. It reminds us that there is no point in being overwhelmed by the negative, and rather choosing to see the positive. We need to accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we truly are, and put our creative talents into the world. Let’s see what the cards have to add.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you are struggling to make changes in your life. Everything isn’t as easy as it seems like it should be.. and things take time. Some of our choices and behaviours are very deeply rooted, so be patient with yourself. Keep taking small steps, being persistent and continuing to try. The DNA card is about Karma. Yes, God rewards good behaviour… but it’s more than that. God knows our true honest intention. You can go out and do all the do-gooding you want to try to reverse your past karma… but it doesn’t really work that way. Good karma comes when you put yourself out there for the right reasons… when you help others with no expectations of a gain. When you do things simply because it’s the right thing to do. When you love yourself and live with integrity. You have the opportunity within this existence to elevate your consciousness, which will only help you when it comes to your next earthly incarnation. Not only that, but the things we do, how we choose to act, how we choose to feel, gets embedded into our DNA and shared with the next generations. What kind of legacy are you imparting? Weasel is asking you to take time to yourself, and be still and calm. Breathing exercises are great to enhance meditation and to let go of stress. Take time to yourself to find who you truly are deep down at your core… to realize your own truths. Weasel wants you to be an objective observer of life, simply observing experiences instead of allowing your ego to attach itself to desired outcomes and emotions. The Spirit of Fire is here to shake things up and facilitate our transformation. This card confirms that this a time of taking risks, overcoming fears, and breaking out of patterns and conventions. Just because you have always believed something, or done something a certain way, doesn’t mean you should never question why or try new ways. Change your routines and habits. Work to incorporate healthier ways of living, that work for you. This is a Phoenix rising scenario. You have so much beauty and potential, you just have to get through the fire and rise from ashes. You have to be able to see yourself in new ways. You have to choose new responses to life. Take care to keep your energy in balance. There has been a lot around balance the past few weeks. Yes, give of yourself.. but also make sure you are receiving. If you give too much, your flame burns out. If you don’t tend to your flame, it dies. You are worthy, and you have to know this and believe it. Keep your fire alive, and let it burn bright! Allow yourself to receive love and blessings from the Universe and share them with the world.

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