Angel Card Reading – Week of Aug 30, 2015

I have been using this deck a while now, and I find I keep pulling the same cards over and over. I have shuffled and looked at them, and see no good reason for it to happen, thus, I take it as a definite sign that the message of those cards is pertinent. I watched Doreen Virtue’s Angel Card Reading for this week and saw her using the same deck I have. Guess what? She pulled the same cards I pull time and again, lol. I was so excited tonight to finally see new cards in this reading! Although they are different cards than her reading, I still feel it very much coincides.. As it does usually! πŸ™‚ 

Think about it – This card asks you to slow down and take in everything, so you can move forward with the whole picture in sight. This card can also be cautionary if you may be considering making a radical change impusively.  Sit down and map out some dreams, goals & wishes. Meditate on options and visualize what your future could become. Take some time to weigh your options until the time comes that you feel right to make a change or move. 

Divine purpose – Choose the pathway that leads you closer to your purpose, and let go of fleeting and temporary diversions. This is a call for leadership! This cards tells me we need to weigh our options carefully, then choose the one that brings us the most fulfillment. It tells me we need to let go of the options that do not serve our best interest, so we can travel on the path of our true divine purpose!

Time to create – This card calls for you to get in touch with your creativity and express yourself. Perhaps a part of your divine purpose! It’s time to create something from nothing, knowing your a Divine channel of inspiration. You are being reminded that you are a beautiful individual, and you bring something unique to this world that only you can. Embracing your creativity helps you to realize that your ability to manifest in this lifetime is only limited by your imagination! Dream big!!
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