Mercury Retrograde – March 5, 2019

Mercury Retrograde! March 5 💫

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Product Review – Quaker Overnight Oats Toasted Coconut & Almond

I received this product Free from Influenster to test and review. It was easy to prepare, but so is regular oatmeal. I thought I would love it, but honestly, the milk didn’t steep as well as expected, and the flavour wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. The price point is quite high too. I didn’t really like it much at all unfortunately. I would give it 2 out of 5.

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Product Review – Le Petit Marseillais Mandarin & Lime Extra Gentle Shower Gel

I received this body wash Free from Influenster to test and review. I am not one to be partial to a body wash, but I was surprised by how much I actually liked this! It promised to wash off easily, and it actually did! I noticed my skin felt softer too! The scent was nice, I always love mandarin. It was light and refreshing. I am sensitive to smells and this was fine for me. I can’t speak to the packaging, as they only sent these foil packs, but I do like how they personalized the advertisement by using my 1st name. I will definitely consider this brand next time I’m shopping for body wash. I would rate this a 3.8 out of 5.

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TV Show Review – Last Man on Earth – 4.3/5

It has been a while since I’ve done a TV Show review! Mostly I’m watching my usuals, Survivor and Big Brother, etc., but this show really caught my attention and I don’t think it’s as well-known as it deserves to be, so I wanted to share it with you!

The premise: In 2022, a cataclysm strikes Earth, seemingly wiping out the population, except for former family man and bank employee Phil Miller. Sad and very lonely, Phil travels the United States, Canada and Mexico in his RV searching for other survivors. Striving to hold onto hope that there is at least one other living person, he tries to make the best of circumstances until his path finally crosses with that hoped-for other survivor — and all becomes more comforting that the person happens to be a woman. As more survivors turn up, complications arise and Phil finds it difficult to co-exist with others again.

Will Forte stars as the main character, Phil Miller, and has a wonderful comedic delivery that he brings to the character and series. The rest of the cast are wonderful too! This show is the epitome of the end-of-the-world concept, where everyone is being taken out by a virus, so the rest of the world remains intact to act as a playground for the few survivors. They also find themselves in plenty of predicaments.

The show has a 4 star rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 95% liking on Google. Unfortunately, it has not been scheduled to return for a 5th season, although I do believe its popularity is gaining since it has been airing on Netflix. I seriously love this show, and I know you will too! I would rate this show a 4.3 out of 5! Make sure you check it out!

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My Reviews – Influenster: Balance VoxBox

I’ve had a bit of a Twitter following for a while now, and I never know what to do to with it. I’ve been interested in product reviews, well, ever since product reviews and social media became a thing. My coworker was posting some items she received free from Influenster to test out, so I asked her about it. That is how I heard about Influenster and I signed up for it.

When you go on the Influenster app, you answer snaps (questionnaires) which determine what types of products are a fit for you. You also link your social media accounts so they can determine your social media impact. Then, if you qualify for a VoxBox, they send you some products to review and try out. They also have different promotions and coupons available through the app.

This was the first VoxBox I received from Influenster, the Balance VoxBox. This was sent to me absolutely free from Influenster for testing and review purposes. My first impression of Influenster was good. Although the products weren’t necessarily the most exciting for me, it was a good way to introduce myself to the world of Influenster. I found out I really enjoyed the Clif Bars and would absolutely purchase them again. I also reminded myself I am not big on protein foods, ha ha… The Herbaland Gummies were not my fav. David’s Tea is always a win, so that was a nice treat. I live in a very small town, so finding the Vea Snacks has been a bit of a challenge for me. Hopefully I can track some down to complete that part of the campaign.

My coworker said her last box wasn’t the most exciting either, mostly snack foods, but that she had received makeup and beauty boxes in the past, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for one of those in the future. Overall, the amount of effort and posting on my social media is not too bad considering the pros of being an Influenster and getting to test out products for free.

So far I give Influenster a thumbs up, and we will see how it goes!

The Balance VoxBox is a “Meh”, but still good. Getting free goodies in the mail is always fun, but you have to be willing to post about them.

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TV Review – Suits

I  will start off saying how much I am enjoying this show, and how hooked I am. We have been marathoning the new season on Netflix non-stop. Lawyer dramas wouldn’t seem to be something of interest to me, but once you start watching, you can’t stop! The characters are well portrayed, and the drama doesn’t end! I quite enjoy the dialogue, it’s not obviously scripted and is well written. The acting is on point to bring the story to life. It is smart and articulated. Harvey Specter is a lawyer unlike any other! He really makes the show for me, I’d say. His assistant Donna is also a favourite of mine too! If your looking for a show to watch with your significant other, this show is perfect. Something both guys and girls can enjoy and appreciate. I would give this show an 8.5 out of 10. Well worth the watch! 

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Movie Review – Magic Mike XXL

This movie gets a bad reputation just due to the fact that it is based on male stripping. People automatically assume because it stars Channing Tatum and it’s about stripping, that it is garbage. I have never been to a stripper in my life, but I do appreciate dance, art and beauty. This movie truly does accompany all these things. It was funny, it was sexy, it was beautiful and it was entertaining. The cast of cool celebrity appearances goes on and on in this movie. Childish Gambino (Donald Glover or you may know him as Troy from the TV show Community) Twitch (from The TV show So You Think You Can Dance) as well as Jada Pinkett-Smith’s appearances were awesome. I love how the one stripper is spiritual now and doing reiki, and how they consider themselves as healers helping women have fun and feel beautiful. It’s always great to see spiritual awareness in movies, even if there is fun being poked at it. The story is not so much what is captivating about this film, but more the way the film makes you feel. It really envokes a sense of fun and passion. The eye candy doesn’t hurt at all either! If you love dance, sexy men, and just want to have some fun and feel good, give this movie a watch! Although it has lower ratings elsewhere on the web, I would rate this film a 7.4 out of 10. It was definitely worth the watch! 

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