Card Reading for the week of September 25, 2022

The crystals I am working with for the week are Rainbow Moonstone, Celestite, and Aqua Aura Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Rainbow Moonstone – Has a gentle, calming energy. It helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception, and enhances creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. It is a stone that brings balance, harmony, and hope. The Rainbow effect brings in a spectrum of light, and can help with clearing and bringing in uplifting energies. It has been said to have the power to grant wishes. Rainbow Moonstone encourages introspection, yielding easier decision making. It also enhances one’s emotional vision, bringing greater creative abilities and freedom of expression. Increases synchronicities. Rainbow Moonstone can also offer increased patience and allowing. A stone of intuition and insight, Moonstone helps us to connect to all the different cycles we experience in life. Moonstone helps balance the emotional body, especially any aggressive tendencies. Many people find moonstone to be very soothing and use it to help relieve stress.

Celestite – Connects you to Angels and your Spirit Guides. Brings calm and clarity. Relieves stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviours. Provides courage where there are fears. Beneficial for those who are shy. Brings harmony and balance. Opens your mind to communication with higher realms. Helpful during dream time.

Aqua Aura Quartz – Enhances communications of all kinds. This also assists with growing and using self-expression in a calm and loving manner. Aqua Aura is called both a success stone and an abundance stone. Helps enhance psychic abilities. Aqua Aura is said to assist in conscious awareness of one’s own motivations and patterns. Aqua Aura is used by crystal healers and others to calm the emotions and the emotional body. It is a powerful stress reliever. It is also a strong energy for reducing or eliminating anger.

We are being reminded that everything in life is a cycle. Especially during the fall season here in North America, you really notice the falling of leaves and the chill in the air as winter approaches. This is naturally a time where we let go, shed the past, and go within as we hibernate and rest for the next season to come. It’s not bad, it’s just natural. Stop putting so much pressure on life, and just appreciate it. Appreciate your body and appreciate being alive. Appreciate your loved ones and enjoy this day while it is upon us. We are so strong. We’ve been through so much. Now, we just have to utilize that strength while also coming from a place of calm and peace, so that we can stand in our full power and manifest the life and opportunities we deserve. Happy New Moon by the way! It is an important time for manifesting our future and finding balance. Balance doesn’t mean spending equal time on all areas each day. Balance is more about a general sense of your life. What area overall in your life needs a little more attention and love? Maybe it’s your physical health, or maybe it’s connecting with friends for more social time. Whatever you are longing for more of in your life, put in some work to bring more of that in. Our intuition has been very strong, and although things haven’t necessarily been easy, we do know that everything has its perfect place and time in the cycle of life, and everything is happening for a reason. Balance means that things can’t always be light. We have to move through the darkness sometimes. Keep listening to your heart and soul and letting it lead you. Know that you can trust in the guidance and direction you know is right for you. Use your creativity and confidence to bring your ideas to life. Do not be afraid to be seen. Sharing yourself and your skills and abilities with pride creates opportunities. Walk the harmonious life you have dreamed of. Go for a walk and listen to some tunes or a good podcast. Enjoy the beauty of the day. Enjoy the moments and be inspired to create more harmony. There is so much hope for the future. The Rainbow energy in the Rainbow Moonstone is helping clear and uplift our energies. Rainbow is the ultimate sign of joy and abundance, and I’ve been seeing Rainbows a lot. Keep choosing to shift and level up. Do the work and focus on the good in life. Express yourself and share what’s on your heart. Let yourself be free, free to be fully you. Be so grateful for this life. When you live in a state of gratitude and appreciation, you will notice the signs and synchronicities in return from Spirit. There are so many beautiful signs everyday, make sure you are noticing them and appreciating them. I had the same butterfly fly around me yesterday, and the day before that. When I did my Moon Magic Worksheet yesterday, I looked up the meaning, and it said the Ancestors were sending me a message of joy and hope. How beautiful. We are reminded that despite the way things appear right now, everything is working out in its perfect divine timing. We need to be patient and allow life to change and flow, and show us where we need to be. The most important thing we need to be doing, is letting go of the stress and replacing it with love and joy. We need to keep our bodies out of fight or flight mode, and find ways to relax and be peaceful and calm. I’ve been enjoying Sound Healing a lot lately, so try googling “Sound Bath” and try some and find what you enjoy. Our Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides are here with us. They are working with us, helping us find ways to let go of the stress. If we want to heal, we have to stop stressing. We also have to be courageous and face our fears, because everything we desire, the growth we seek, is on the other side of that fear. We need to overcome our fear in order to grow. How freeing, when we truly understand that there is nothing left to be afraid of. Just because you feel shy, doesn’t mean you don’t have important and incredible things to share with the world. Are you going to keep yourself trapped and give in to the fear? Or are you going to bust through it and fly free from the cage of fear? Only you keep yourself in there. Pay attention to your dreams too. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Communication is big right now too. Make sure you are expressing yourself and communicating your needs. People can’t support you if they don’t know what you need. They also won’t hear you well if you are communicating with calm assertiveness. Express yourself in loving ways. Pour love into yourself, because you are worthy and deserving. We do have so many opportunities for success and abundance. The only thing holding us back is ourselves and our limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns. Calm the emotions and the physical body, and let go of anything holding you back. Know that in spiritual truth, you are a limitless being. Face your fears and do the things anyway. You might even come to love what you once feared. When you find yourself feeling frustrated, angry, or fearful, ask yourself how you can turn that energy around into love for yourself. For example, if you are mad at someone for not doing something, what can you do for yourself that would make you feel good? You have the power to make your life amazing. You are a co-creator; and you do have control and choice. How can you shift your choices to include a little more love and enjoyment of life? Let’s see what the cards have to say!

Spirit has our back. Trust in that. We are being guided. We are safe and protected, and we can trust in our future. It’s funny, because just before I pulled the cards, something touched my right arm like 3 times. I thought there was a hair, but no. Then, my right foot just got really itchy. Apparently, that means not to be complacent, and that things are going to be smooth and positive. The right arm represents our legacy. What kind of work and energy are you leaving behind? In spirituality, you sometimes see the idea that the past, present, and future are all one, and I’m feeling that sense now. It’s like, what we do now, impacts our trajectory for the future, and the legacy we leave behind. We need to trust in the Universe right now, and make sure we are doing our part to do the best we can. You are more protected than you can imagine. It’s funny, I know for me, I always think like, why can’t I win the lotto? Why can’t I have everything I want? But there is a reason I can’t, and that’s because I have to understand the lessons that I’m being taught. If I had everything on a silver platter, what would I learn? It’s enduring the hard stuff, and loving ourselves anyway, where the best growth and lessons are. I’ve been doing trauma healing sessions, and realizing the issues I’m dealing with go back my entire life and beyond. It’s no wonder nothing can come easily, because I do have patterns to look at and traumas to heal. If you don’t do the work, nothing can ever change, and the patterns continue to repeat themselves. Then, what happens when you do the work? When you finally acknowledge the traumas that have affected generations of Ancestors? I free us all and lighten the Spirits of the generations to come. I learn to stand up for my worth and the things I deserve, which helps me manifest them. Be open to receiving a new level of support, based on how far you’ve grown and the work you’ve done. Let the blocks to receiving abundance be dissolved. Love yourself so much to know that you are truly deserving. Welcome the guidance and direction of Spirit, and understand how blessed you are to experience and be aware of this connection. Trauma has taught us that we are alone, that the world isn’t safe to put our guard down and open our heart… but it is time for a new experience for all of us as we awaken and become conscious of our patterns. Instead of feeling fearful, we are going to choose to feel deeply secure and safe, no matter what is going on. The Star Brothers Card references opening the back of our hearts. This is asking us to allow ourselves to be more vulnerable and trusting towards life, knowing, with certainty, that we are always safe. We are going to choose trust and faith over fear. Fears are showing us where we need to bring in more love. Fear as an opportunity is a huge message right now. It was my daily Message From Spirit for today, Sept 25th. I don’t know why I feel so surprised to see that message again here… it is Spirit confirming that are here and they see us and they do offer us their guidance. The things that scare us, are exactly what we need to pursue. Whenever you are feeling scared or fearful, use it as an opportunity of awareness, and replace the energy with love. Keep your heart open to receiving a greater level of support than you could ever imagine. Soften through life’s ups and downs, and keep your heart open. How can you open yourself up to receiving more support? Things have felt very lonely and we have felt alone lately. Yet again, we are reminded that we are never truly alone. She had the support of the Animal Spirits guiding her, and she is connected to the energy of the Sun. I love how the Sun is shining, but so is she. She may seem alone, but she is enjoying her life, swinging playfully amongst many opportunities and making beautiful growth. She is dressed in a beautiful gown. Even though life appears barren, it really is so beautiful. Instead of feeling lonely, choose to enjoy your time alone and make the most of it, pursuing dreams and goals that resonate with your beautiful spirit. Enjoy the simple happiness of life. See that you don’t need so much. There is so much more to life than accumulating objects. Be resilient and adapt to your circumstances and make the best of them. When you find yourself alone in the desert, swing in the sunshine. Take only the things you really need to carry as you move forward. Let your heart be cracked open. Remember that life isn’t happening to us, it is happening for us, to teach us something. Yes, things get hard sometimes, and you could close up and barricade yourself from the world, but is that helpful? Stop returning to your cage and keeping yourself there. Let life do it’s thing, and trust that everything is happening for a reason. There is a lesson in every single thing. Being human is a courageous act. Remember that we need a storm to enjoy a rainbow, and that there is balance in everything. As much as you want to close up, keep letting yourself open. As much as you want to give into the fear, choose love and courage and keep growing. See difficulty as a blessing. It helps us appreciate this life that much more. One day in the future, you will see how that lesson has served you. Be gentle on yourself. It has been a tough journey. Give yourself the love you need and the comfort you deserve. The seas may not all be smooth sailing, but you are protected. You are safe. One day you will look back on how far you’ve come, and see all the beauty it has brought to yourself and your life. One day, you will fully bloom into the beautiful person you have dreamed to be. Keep growing. Everything is going to be ok. Have a beautiful New Moon today and a wonderful week ahead! Set those intentions for self-love, courage, and trust!

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New Moon in Libra – September 25, 2022

On Sunday, September 25, 2022, we have a New Moon peaking at 3:54pm MDT at 2°48’ in the sign of Libra. 🌑✨♎️

I am biased because I’m a Libra, and I happen to love New Moons! This New Moon feels very powerful for manifesting the future we desire.

Does that mean our wishes will rain down on us like magic? We hope so! It is probably more likely that we will have to put in the hard work, stand up for what we want, and make the changes we need, so that we can manifest the things we dream of.

We are co-creating this existence and we must use our power for good. We all have to do our part to keep things balanced, and it starts with the work we do on ourselves. We have to be strong and be determined to change and grow.

We are seeing what we want more clearly and we are longing for more joy and passion. How can you make your life more fun and fulfilled right now?

The sign of Libra asks us to find balance in all areas of our lives. Make sure you are tending to your growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

You can have the peaceful life you dream of. You can overcome anything that is holding you back. Be willing to change and try new things. Value your uniqueness over perfection.

You never know where life will lead you! Make sure you keep your thoughts positive and set your intentions for amazing things to come.

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are deserving.

Have a beautiful New Moon! 💕🌑✨🌹💃

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Message from the Flamingo for the Libra Full Moon – April 16, 2022

The Flamingo was one of the Animals for this Full Moon on my Moon Magic Worksheet! 🌕✨🦩

Want to learn more about this Full Moon? Get my MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET! 📝

The MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET is a 6-page PDF that prints onto 3 pages and you can look it over as a way to learn about the energy of the Moon.

This edition includes: Info about the sign of Libra, colors, crystals, Angels, Goddesses, essential oils, plants, flowers, trees, herbs, metal, Feng Shui charms, animals, numbers, and more! It has affirmations, personal questions, goals, releasing, ideas of things to do, a prayer, do’s & don’ts, a card pull, upcoming astrology, and more!

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Full Pink Moon in Libra – April 16, 2022

On Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 12:54pm MDT, we have a Full Pink Moon at 26 degrees 46 minutes in Libra! 🌕✨⚖️

Eclipse season starts on the next New Moon in Taurus on April 30th with a partial Solar Eclipse that won’t be viewable from North America. Moon work is not highly encouraged during eclipses, as the energy can be unstable, therefore we need to make sure we use this energy now and ensure our intentions are clear as we move forward.

Jupiter & Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, helping us see things with optimism. Mars and Venus are in Pisces too. Even though we may be facing some deep issues, they are serving a purpose and helping us to grow and change in our lives. Pay attention to your intuition, dreams, and signs.

This is a time for us to stand in our personal power and claim our inherent right to happiness, enjoyment, and fulfilment. It is also a time to surrender to the Divine timing and magic of the Universe, and appreciate the blessings that come naturally.

If you don’t see the beauty in your life, you need to take back your power and create more of it. Make choices that support your peace and happiness. Be responsible for your life and make it as beautiful as you can. People can only love you, as much as you love yourself. Your life can only be as beautiful as you believe it to be.

Romances, friendships, and relationships of all kinds are blossoming. Enjoy your social life and put yourself out there. We were born to appreciate life and enjoy it. Every connection could make an impact on your life.

Spend some time organizing and making plans for all your many ideas, but also make sure you balance your hard work with time for fun, romance, and beauty. Creating art of any kind would be a perfect activity!

Enjoy this beautiful Full Moon! 🤗


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The MOON MAGIC WORKSHEET is a 6-page PDF that prints onto 3 pages and you can look it over as a way to learn about the energy of the Moon.

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Weekly Card Reading – Week of October 3, 2021

The crystals I am working with for the week are Kambaba Jasper, Zoisite, and Malachite. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Kambaba Jasper – Also known as Crocodile Jasper. It is actually fossilized algae. Calms the mind and promotes inner peace. Helps to remove heart blockages and worries. Connects us to nature and allows us to feel more open to receiving love. Supports us and provides insight through tough times. Reduces fear and increase confidence, self-worth, and courage.

Zoisite – Transmutes negative energy into positive. Helps you to realize and manifest your own true desires, rather than ones influenced by others or because you are trying to conform to the “norm”. Encourages recovery from illness and stress. Helps to release deep seated fears and phobias. Boosts vitality. Helps you see the gift in every breath of life.

Malachite – A stone of transformation, good fortune, prosperity & abundance. This is a transformation of lack into abundance. Invites business opportunities. Brings self-confidence and success. These vibrations release and diffuse those of victimization by demonstrating the power of oneself. It helps balance pure love, romance, and one’s own well-being. Malachite is also good for enhancing emotional stability and balance in general. It brings inner peace and hope, including relief from anxiety and stress.

I love the energy of the Kambaba Jasper. This is the first time I’ve used it since I got it. It very much holds the energy of the Crocodile, which at first I thought to have a negative connotation, but the Crocodile is a very swift, agile, and powerful creature. Do you think the Crocodile is out there questioning his own power? Living in fear? Heck no!! He’s chilling, unless someone gets up in his space, then he stands in his power. They snap up opportunities without a sense of guilt or pressure. With things being as hard as they have been, this feels like a message for us to be thick-skinned… to lay low until our time to come back out is here. This is about protecting yourself. You do not have to allow anyone in your personal space that you do not consent to. If things seem to be working against you, reach out for help, find people who can help you, and don’t quit until are where you need to be. As hard as things have been, only WE have the power to get our mind right and make the best choices we can for ourselves. Worrying doesn’t do anything but further hurt us or stress us out. Let go of the worries and stress when you feel them arising. It’s like, Dory from Finding Nemo. We can have lots of real issues going on around us, but being stressed out and upset doesn’t help us. We just have to keep swimming. We are being called to put ourselves out into the world and share our light and energy, but you can’t do that if you don’t have any. Make sure you are filling your cup and receiving what you need. Take care of yourself, so you can share your gifts with the world. This, in turn, creates opportunities and abundance! Good things are coming for us, believe it to be true. Keep doing what you know is right and working towards a better tomorrow for yourself. It hasn’t been easy, and we have been conditioned by society our entire lives. Particularly to believe we are never good enough… but we are. Right now, today, in this moment. You are enough, you are deserving, you are capable, you have purpose. Whatever you feel passionate about pursuing, chase those desires. You don’t have to do things the way society tells you to. You can step into the person you want to be, right now. You can decide to let stress go and practice techniques to work on that. You can realize that stress is making you sick and keeping you anxious, and by letting it go you can feel lighter and happy. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not 100% a choice… but there is choice involved. Choose happiness and optimism more! You can recover from things that have been hindering you. Let go of the fears and negativity. They aren’t true, and they aren’t serving you. Your gifts… your light… that’s what will serve you, and all of humanity. When you are stressing and living in fear, you are bringing your energy wayyyy down. When you live in light with positivity (as much as possible), you raise your vibrations, giving yourself revitalized energy and attracting wonderful things. Gratitude can help us live in the light. By realizing how blessed we are already, right now, helps us bring in more light. Life is a gift and we have to make the most of it. Don’t waste it away believing that people don’t want to see you or hear your voice. Let yourself been seen and heard. Let yourself be supported. Allow yourself to receive. Good things are coming. The Malachite is a sign of that. We are doing the work to step out of lack mentalities and into a mindset of abundance and worthiness. The relief from our stressors is coming, so try to be as patient as you can. Everything is going to be ok. Do what you can to help things get better. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Be sure of who you are and what you want. Use your voice, create opportunities and say yes to partnerships and collaborations. Business opportunities are on the way! Step into your power and confidence, and let fear be a thing of the past. You are magical and powerful, and you got this. Make sure to set positive intentions this week for the New Moon in Libra! Let’s see what the cards have to add!

We always want to be “done”, or be wherever we perceive we should be… but life doesn’t really work like that. Life is an ever changing journey, no matter how sure we think we are. Things change, people change, life changes. There are many things we can’t control. Life is an unfinished symphony, and the quicker you adapt to playing the notes that are available to you, the better music you will hear. This is about unfinished business in your life, and unhealed emotions. We have to be able to fully let go of the past, or perhaps what we have now, if we want to make room for something more that we desire. If you are dragging around attachments from the past, that energy is seen and felt here and now, and can block you from receiving even greater things here and now. We can’t live in a victim mentality over the past anymore. Yes, we have been hurt, but those people were probably hurt too. Let it go and move on. Be free and make emotional space. Accept where you are now, and be ok with it. In fact, love it! Let this symphony end on a high note. Love everything for what it has been, and be open to the most amazing possibilities in the future. The big blue egg she sits on represents fertility, communication, and spiritual protection. Your spirit guides are there making sure you don’t fall off. The birds are showing you the way to freedom. Let your heart be light, and use music to help you do that. If you want your energy to be light, it has to be free from worries. Let them go. Also, tie up loose ends and take care of business so that you can breathe and relax. Don’t over think things, just do what you gotta do. Be flexible. Deal with stuff and it comes, and you will feel better about it. We can’t stay stuck doing the same things and handling things the same way, thinking the same way, because it’s not working. We have to let ourselves grow. We have to let our minds grow. Be adaptable, without compromising yourself. Be flexible, for your own highest good. You can’t always be right. You can’t always know how everything will play out. It’s ok to compromise. It’s ok to follow your heart. Be open to all possibilities now! Be ready to say YES when you are presented with opportunities to receive! Set your intentions this New Moon, and ask for what you want to manifest or something better! Be willing to bend a little, to enjoy miraculous results. No more being rigid. Lighten your heart. Life is going to speed up. Things are going to be moving forward very soon… likely in the next 2-3 weeks. Antelope reminds you that you are a powerful co-creator! Make sure you are using the energy of the Moon and setting your intentions. Make sure you are visualizing a life you deserve, allowing space for even greater. It’s time to take steps towards your dreams. Don’t be scared to make a move or say yes. Let go, and enjoy the ride. Let go of worry, and be present. Make the most of this day and this life. Breathe deeply, and move forward with veracity! Have a beautiful week and New Moon!

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New Moon in Libra – October 6, 2021

October 6, peaking at 5:05am (MDT) here in Alberta, we have a New Moon at 13 degrees Libra. 🌑✨⚖️ The Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars are all in the sign of Libra.

Libra is the epitome of balance. Libra is all about partnerships and relationships, so business and romance are highlighted themes now.

This energy can be super positive, or it can bring up our shadows. This can be a time of fresh starts in amazing ways, or very challenging ways. It really depends on where we are and what we are needing to learn. No matter where you find yourself, do your best to bring balanced and intentional energy to the table. Try to contribute to some positive karma in the long run.

This is a time to set our intentions towards the fresh starts that will bring us more harmony. This is a time to be bold in the pursuit of our goals and dreams. We know what we deserve and we know we are worthy and capable. We have so many ideas and talents. Have confidence in your ability to make informed and fair decisions. Trust your intuition when it comes to taking chances, and trust that the risks you take will pay off.

We can’t hold ourselves back out of fear anymore. We have to make sure we aren’t doing things just because everyone else expects us to. What do you need? It’s all about balance. Allow yourself to receive, so you have energy to give to others. Make sure you are being fair, especially to yourself.

Don’t neglect yourself or let your negative emotions build up, or they can come out as anger or outbursts. Make sure you are finding healthy ways to release and process your emotions. Express all sides of yourself. Find an activity, like art, exercise, meditation, or therapy, that helps you.

Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius is reminding us that we live in an abundant world. We have to let go of the lack mentality and understand how worthy and deserving we are. We don’t need to suffer or beat ourselves up. We don’t need to deny ourselves or expect the worst. Question your old belief systems and let them go. What if amazing things could happen? Fill yourself with light so you can share it with the world.

We have a bunch of planets in retrograde, but by the Full Moon on the 20th, 4 of them will have gone direct. Things are going to get easier and get more clear. The time to set positive intentions is now!

October 20th, we have a Full Blood Moon in Aries! We will be called to step forward even more so on our path. Stay in your power and know your worth! Let go of the fear and go for it. 💕🙏✨

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Let me know if you are interested!

Have a magical New Moon! 🌑✨🙏

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Autumn Equinox & Sun in Libra – September 22, 2021

Today at 1:20pm (MDT) is the Autumn Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. On this day, the Sun moves into the sign of Libra. 🌞🌝♎️ This marks a time of equal day and night, as we shift into more darkness heading towards winter. This represents a time to go inward. We are halfway through the horoscope wheel, as we enter the 7th sign of Libra. Libra is a season of balance and harmony, and the 7th House represents relationships and partnerships. This is a time to truly let go of anything holding you back. Take some steps towards the things you do want. Clear things out and make space for new beginnings to come. Harvest your crops and prepare for winter. 🍎🌽🥖🌾

AutumnEquinox #Fall #LibraSeason #Balance #Harmony #Gratitude #Abundance #Change #Transition #Growth #Cycles #Season #Libra #Fair #Fairness #Grace #Prayers #Guidance #Shed #Harvest #Reap #Preparation #Preparing #NewBeginnings #Rejuvenate #Create #Connect #Beauty #Spiritual

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Weekly Card Reading – Week of September 20, 2021

The crystals I am working with for the week are Sardonyx, Black Tourmaline, and Tourmalinated Quartz. I use these crystals to connect to the energy, to connect to the message meant for everyone who reads this, and to send you the healing energy of the crystals.

Sardonyx – A stone of protection and strength. Holds a vibration of happiness, optimism and confidence. Increases stamina, vigor and self-control. Helps you bring order to your life.

Black Tourmaline – A protective stone which removes, repels and blocks negative energies. Cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It is great for grounding. It balances, harmonizes, and protects all of the Chakras. Removes fear and boost self-confidence. Very calming. Those who face challenges from negativity, frequent worrying, and/or OCD can work with Black Tourmaline to help heal these issues.

Tourmalinated Quartz – Believed to protect from negative thoughts and emotions. Protective. Remover of obstacles. Acts as an amplifier and brings clarity to your life. Helps you feel both grounded and enlightened. Helps to integrate and heal the shadow energies, alleviating self-sabotage. Helps eliminate energy patterns that have become stagnant.

The energy has been tough! All the things going on in the world could really drag a person down. The good news is that you have the choice of how and where you focus your energy and intention. We are very protected right now, and we are strong enough to handle the challenges that arise. Remember to keep your vibration in a happy and optimistic state as much as possible! There is no point in dwelling on all the things that are wrong, that only brings us down and makes us feel worse. Focus on the things that make you feel better. Be confident and do things that make you happy. We are going to be given the energy and help we need to get things back in order. The more positive you can keep your mindset, the more magical of help will be delivered to you. Practice self-control when you feel like raging out. Remember how strong you are. Protection is a very important message right now. Spirit wants us to know that they are watching over us. As hard as things seem, they are serving a purpose we may not yet understand. Whenever I see Black Tourmaline, it makes me feel like things are a bit tough… but this is exactly the Crystal that can help us get turned around. It helps us to transform the heavy energies into lighter ones. It helps us get grounded and balanced. It removes our fears and helps boost our confidence. It’s everything we need to move forward. Worry doesn’t help anything, and only makes things worse. Face your fears and transmute them into light and love. Let yourself heal. Protect yourself and clear your head of negative thinking. Remember that you are protected, guided, and safe. Let the obstacles fall away in your life. Let the pathway forward become clearer. It’s time to stop sabotaging ourselves and step into our power. By letting go of all the things that don’t serve our lives, we can welcome in more energies and attitudes that are aligned with the positivity we seek. We just had a beautiful Full Moon in Pisces that peaked yesterday, so there is still time to do some releasing work. Go outside and take some deep breathes, and exhale all the heaviness. When you notice negative thoughts popping up in your mind, visualize a big red X cancelling the thought out, and reframe it in a positive way. Retrain your brain for happiness. Enlighten yourself. Allow yourself to shine your brilliant vibrance. Let’s see what the cards have to add!

I love this deck. It was the first one I ever bought, and it delivers such clear messages! We need to pray, to get our energy up and positive. We can’t keep moaning and groaning over Covid, or the election, or how hard things are. We need to pray to our Angels to guide us to abundance and happiness, and to help us maintain a positive outlook. Pray is reminding us that we aren’t alone, that we are guided and protected. I was drawn to the brown feathers of the Angel on this card… brown feathers represent a sign of confirmation to our request. Brown feathers represent us being protected by Angels, and that we are never alone and to never lose heart. Take a leap of faith and work to your highest potential without fear. If you have never had a Mediumship Reading done, I highly recommend it. Knowing, with certainty, that there is more to life, and that Spirit definitely does exist, opens up a new realm of possibility. It helps us truly understand that there is so much more to life, and so much more to us. This card, Pray, is a reminder to keep our thoughts positive, so we can be happy and manifest the life we want and deserve. Deep down, if you don’t believe you deserve something, it’s very hard (if not impossible) for it to ever come to you. You form resistance, like a magnetic, which keeps it polarized and away from you. How can you turn your magnetic energy around so you are drawing things to you? How can you align and match the vibrations of that which you want to receive? Nothing is impossible. When you feel worried, pray to relieve your fears and focus on positive thoughts. Watch for the answers to your requests in your dreams. Pay attention to the symbols and messages. We just had the Pisces Full Moon and Pisces is a sign that is all about dreaming. This is also about keeping those thoughts positive and calming. This Angel looks like she is comforting herself. She is stopping to pause and give herself love. The Dreams card is also about chasing your dreams in this life. Let yourself dream and work towards making your dreams come true. Connecting with your higher self and matching the vibration of who you want to be and what you want to attract will help! You can attain the miracles you’ve always desired. Freedom can be achieved. True freedom. Happy, light, joyous, freedom. Do the things in life that make you feel happy and free. If you aren’t having fun with it, find a way to make it fun. Release the heaviness that is no longer serving you. Your prayers have been heard and the Angels are here to help us. Freedom tells us that despite the appearances in the world today, true freedom is found in our hearts. The more freedom we can find in our own lives, the more freedom we have as a collective. Create the freedom and joy you seek. Tomorrow, we welcome Libra Season, and Autumn/Spring Equinox! Have a lovely, and balanced week!

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Full Worm Moon in Libra – March 28, 2021

We have a beautiful Full Worm Moon on March 28, peaking at 12:48pm MDT at 8 degrees Libra. Some are calling this a Super Moon, some say it’s almost a Super Moon. 🌕✨♎️

The Sun, Venus, and Chiron are all together at 8 degrees Aries, opposite of the Moon. The Moon is also trine Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius, forming a Kite shaped pattern, bringing healing, protection, and harmony. 💕🙏

This Moon is about embracing the full you. Acknowledging everything you’ve been through, the good and the bad. It’s about appreciating both the darkness and the light. It’s about finding the good in all of it. It can be so easy to lose our perspective. In order to gain a healthier perspective, we have to heal our wounds… or at least do our best to work with them.

This Moon is about letting go of the past, and taking responsibility for where we are now. This Moon is about acknowledging our deep wounds and working hard to let them go for good. We need to stand in our full and true power and take charge over our future.

Libra and Aries are the classic relationship polarity, with Aries being the 1st House about “me”, and Libra being the 7th House about “we”. This Moon is a good time for relationships, but there also may be some tensions lingering. We might be struggling with balancing our own needs with those of others. It’s important to be diplomatic and be able to compromise. Just make sure you dont bend farther than you can afford to.

We have to be flexible and go with the flow. Just be sure that your needs are being considered as well. Libra can be too much of a people-pleaser at times, and will do anything to keep the peace, even to their own detriment.

This is the perfect time to look at your closest relationships and address any issues. Big emotions may be coming to the surface. Try to keep your calm. The energy of Libra should allow for a peaceful outcome.

Libra is all about love and we are realizing that the only love that truly matters it the love we have for ourselves. We are in charge of our own happiness. If your life isn’t working, you need to find a better balance or a new way. It’s up to you to make the changes you need to get where you want to be. It’s up to you to be the person you want to be… Balanced, peaceful, and whole. 🌕✨♎️

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Weekly Angel Card Reading – Week of September 27, 2020

The crystals I am working with for the week are Amazonite, Celestite and Peach/Pink Agate. I use these crystals to connect to your energy, to connect to the message meant for you, and to send the healing properties of the crystal to you.

Amazonite – Assists with telling the truth, even if it’s difficult. Aligns your speech to your higher ideals. Allows for you to remain calm and unemotional. Encourages trusting behaviour. Balances male and female energies and stimulates both sides of the brain. Encourages both intuitive perceptions and reasoning.

Celestite – Connects you to Angels and your Spirit Guides. Brings calm and clarity. Relieves stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviours. Powerful activator of the throat chakra. Provides courage where there are fears. Beneficial for those who are shy. Brings harmony and balance. Opens your mind to communication with higher realms. Helpful during dream time.

Pink/Peach Agate – Gentle and nurturing. Boosts creativity. Initiates transformation. Helps resolve emotional issues. Helps overcome negative emotions. Soothes depression and anxiety. Assists with stability and balance. Encourages changes and lasting transitions. Increases friendliness and happiness.

This week, things are going to be coming into the light. Truths… issues… there can be many things arising to bring to your awareness to find resolution. There is a Full Moon this week, illuminating our issues for us to release them. For me, I found out on Friday they I have low thyroid function. I could’ve perceived this information as negative, but in actuality, it’s very positive for me. I think I have been suffering from this for a long time. It helps me to understand why I’ve had issues with my energy, weight and other things. It gives me an opportunity to correct the issue, and hopefully live a better life going forward. This is what I’m feeling for this week. No matter what information is shown to you, take it at face value and decide how to best work with it. We don’t need to freak out over anything. Even in the face of the worst issues, all you can do is handle it, and move on. Believe me. I’ve been through the worst of the worst… addiction, depression, abuse, infidelity, leukemia… no matter how dire it seems in the moment, you will get through it. Staying calm and in your power is going to help you manage this information in the most positive ways. We have to trust that life has a purpose for us, and for everything we go through. Follow your intuition and where it leads you, and use your logic to help you along the way. Even when things seem to suck in this 3D reality, we can use our dreams, even daydreaming, to create the realities and experiences we desire. Visualize and try to dream about blessings, abundance and enlightenment. We are learning and growing in our dream time. We are paving the way for the things we want to manifest… and we are powerful. This is about using your intuition and logic in a powerful combination. It’s about opening your eyes to everything around you in your day, and learning from it. The Universe is always providing us wisdom, and it speaks to us through nature all around us. We have to keep our vibes high and continue to enhance our relationship with the Spirit world. We must be aware of our Spiritual power and use it to help us on this journey. You can deny Spirituality all you want, but I can guarantee your path will be harder being guided by ego alone. There is no balance in that. We need to use our divine feminine spiritual connection, and our masculine earthy power, together, in harmonious union. We need to consider all points of view, in finding the best ways forward. You can make it easy on yourself, by staying in positivity… or… you can make it super hard on yourself by being negative. Choose to believe. Choose to love. Choose to make this existence the best that you can for everyone around you. We can soothe our anxieties with Spiritual work, or, we can continue to push and allow the fears become louder and louder. In Spiritual truth, we have everything we need in this moment, and everything is always all good. Find your own stability and balance. Get your thoughts stable. Get your health stable. These are changes and transitions that are going to last. We might as well make the best of it and be happy!!! Let’s see what the cards say!

I just love the cards, as always. Go The Distance says, we have what it takes to get where we want to be. It might seem like a long race now, but there will come an end. We are making our dreams come true, even if we aren’t consciously noticing all the progress we are making to get there. The stars are guiding us on our journey. Yes, there has been obstacles, but we don’t have to dwell there. All we have to do is understand what we have learned and let go of the rest, knowing that it helped us to get here. The Full Moon this week is the perfect time for releasing. We learn a ton from obstacles, and probably not as much when life is flowing easily. It is through discomfort, that we find our comfort again. It is through pain that we see the growth and the lesson. There is so much power in regeneration. There is an opportunity to redefine yourself and rebuild your life. You have what it takes, and you don’t need anyone else to believe in you, as long as you stay in the race. If you believe in yourself, you are paving the way to victory. Like everyone else in the world, I dream of winning the lottery. Do you know why most people who have won the lottery, have more issues now than they did before? The best dreams take effort, and instant gratification is never going to be as rewarding as successes that are hard-earned. Money doesn’t always equal happiness… happiness is found in our own unique journeys. Don’t get me wrong, Spirit wants us to be abundant and secure.. and we have the ideas to make it happen.. we just have to continue to put the work in. And I don’t mean to work endlessly! I mean to find balance between being driven, and having love for one’s self to allow for rest and relaxation. Taking care of all aspects of your life will lead to the greatest abundance. This is Libra season folks… it’s all about balance! For me, I love my life. I love my home, my family, my community, the nature that surrounds me… I honestly love my life… but I have been depleted of energy, and it has made it hard to really enjoy all that I have. I just go through the motions everyday, cooking for everyone and choring… and barely finding time to really enjoy anything. Also, along with many other people… especially mothers right now… are worried and fearful about how they will earn a living in these uncertain times. The Five of Summer is reminding us again, to have trust. We can’t live in the worry and fearful emotions, or we attract more reasons to feel that way. The more we think negatively, the more it becomes a habit to think negatively. We need to be focusing on how we can be happy inside ourselves. For me, I am a Dream Walker. Dream time is one of my favorite times that I can be happy inside. I can day dream of a magical happy place and be there in my mind and soul. Again, this is the importance of thinking positively. We have to be focused on positive outcomes… the positive desires. Cut the negativity out of your life altogether. People, thoughts, emotions… cancel them as much as you can. There is no need to worry, because brighter days are just around the corner. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We are going to make it to the finish line. Look Through The Situation tells us not to get caught up feeling stressed or frightened. You have gotten through every challenge life has presented you, and you will continue to overcome life’s challenges. They will be much easier to overcome from a state of positivity. Concentrate on the good things in your life and see beyond what is going on now. Allow yourself to relax and feel relief. Accept that challenges will come and go, and that you got this! Trust that the Angels hear your prayers, and are helping you to get where you need to be. Have a blessed week!

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